Grill-Evans County receives 6 awards for individual study

Colorado Succeeds celebrates innovation in schools across the state.

GREELEY, Kolo. – Grill-Evans 6th District School is recognized for their efforts to help each student learn their best.

It’s called individual study, and that’s what Terry Highfield, the facilitator in the district, said he believes in it.

“So when we can help kids from where they are, they can feel more successful,” Highfield said.

Highfield is a Faculty of Engineering and Mathematics Engineering (STEM) for kindergarten students up to fifth grade at the STEM Academy at Greli Krista McAuliffe.

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He said the focus in the lesson should be on both sides. She wants students to pay attention to her instruction, but she believes teachers need to focus on what students want to learn about it. Highfield said this will make education more flexible.

“Because the old model, in which children fit as one size fits all, doesn’t really work,” Highfield said. “If all students were asked to complete a project or take a test, it would be more satisfying for some students.”

Levi Aldridge is a seventh-grader at STEM McAuliffe Academy. She said she loves to talk about what she’s learning and how quickly she’s mastered it.

“When you can do it your way, it really helps. You see the potential and how you can increase that potential,” Levy said.

She is interested in robotics and said the teachers give her open goals.

“I really enjoy using my creative ability,” Levy said.

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According to Highfield, teachers are beginning to lay the groundwork for early individual learning.

“It’s really a path that starts in kindergarten and goes all the way to high school,” Highfield said.

David Isley, an engineering teacher at Northridge High School, said addressing students ’interests creates engagement.

“Instead of the teacher forcing them to do the things they want to do, right? So, they learn things that interest them,” Isley said.

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Jorge Hernandez is a second-year student at Northridge High School. She said students can find their direction through individual study.

“I think you have to definitely try new things and you have to make sure you’re not afraid to start new things,” Hernandez said. “Because I feel like a lot of students have to express themselves.”

Julie Hill leads the Success Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports Grill-Evans District 6 School, where 70% of families have lower incomes. She said individual training helps justice.

“I think individual learning allows all students to succeed,” Hill said. “We want to give all children equal opportunities.”

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9NEWS partners with Colorado Succeeds, a group formed by state business leaders to celebrate innovation in schools. Each year the Colorado Success Award is given in a variety of categories.

Grill-Evans County won the 6th Suc income Award for individual study.

“All the teachers in this building work very hard to make the students successful and so the recognition is always good,” Isley said.

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The Succeeds award comes with a $ 15,000 cash prize. Colorado Success also supports the sharing of these innovation models with other school districts across the state.

“If anyone wants to do the work we’re doing here in District 6, I think if we do that, we’ll be very honored,” Hill said. “You’re proud that you were able to show someone the way or open the way for new ideas.”

In addition to Greeley-Evans District 6, this is the list of remaining Suc income winners for 2021:

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