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To launch an educational creativity campaign as a cornerstone of personal development and social change, the BIC Corporate Foundation announced sponsorship of the title of the sixth edition of the IWC, the largest brainstorming event in the world where individuals and teams from around the world Cities across the country are competing to solve social problems using the power of creative thinking.

This year’s theme, ‘How to Inspire Creativity in Education’, was chosen based on the global need for creative learning and the potential need for global impact.

IWC is a monthly nonprofit competition founded in 2014 by Juan Prego, a leader in educational organizations and teams from all sectors to unleash the power of creative thinking and make their cultures more innovative. Each year, the IWC awards prizes to projects that have the potential to be implemented locally, nationally or internationally, helping to bring their ideas to life. This year, winners will also have access to teachers from the BIC Corporate Foundation’s Corporate Action Society, an international coalition of teachers, researchers, foundations, artists, and NGOs to help maximize the impact of their views.

In her commentary, Prego said the IWC is a true celebration of human creativity. “We connect people from all over the world and harness their inner creative power, proving that if we put our heads, hearts and hands together, we can solve some of the world’s toughest problems. Anyone can.” Be creative, and through that creativity we can build a brighter future.

Perego noted that this year’s theme encourages participants to think about how creativity can move from an open concept to a fundamental element of the applied learning process; An essential life skill that can be taught, cultivated, and excelled in all disciplines throughout the global education system, and can be a tool for change that can be used to address some of society’s most challenging challenges. “

Allison James, CEO of BIC Corporate Foundation, said: “We believe that creativity is the key to a better future. With this year’s theme, our goal is to celebrate the development of a creative mind and education for people of all ages and backgrounds.” Encourage movement around creativity in part.

Registration is now open at for any person or group wishing to enter, the competition officially begins on World Creativity Day, April 21, 2022.

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