Guardiola: “I’m always learning”

Josep Guardiola says he is constantly learning and developing as a manager.

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In the nearly 15 years he has been in charge of Barcelona B and after 31 awards, the Catalan is one of the most successful club football managers of all time.

He also needs another win to celebrate his 250 Premier League victories as City captain.

But, despite his many successes, he insists he is always looking to improve, learn and improve – with Jürgen Klopp, from Liverpool, among those who love and learn from him.

“What I see are a lot of things, I’m close (to Jürgen),” Pep said.

“We are similar in many ways, but in the final third they are more‘ woe ’for the quality of the players they have, but I learn a lot not only from Jürgen but from every coach I see in the Premier League. .

“I wonder what the opponent will do.

“It’s because I’m a manager to discover the form they play and see how we can manage them and do it, that’s the only reason I’m here in front of them. you are sitting – alone.

“Sometimes it’s too much work and stress and you see the players sad because they don’t play when they deserve it and you feel that it’s your responsibility, it’s not good, I don’t like it, but of course I’m a lot. learning things.

“So now I feel like a better manager than when I started.

“I learn from my opponents, I learn from reading books about tactics or everything, the experience of what they do and have, and the next time I try to work better against them and the next time I beat them.”

Guardiola also praised the way society and the media in England were, saying it was the “perfect” environment to be a manager.

“It’s quieter here. It’s the best country in the world to have a manager and a footballer, ”he said.

“When we win or lose, we get criticism and a lot of good things, but how people here respect managers and players is unique to other countries I’ve been to.

“It’s more of a football game here and everyone goes there, there’s been more involved, more from the outside, it’s perfect here.”

With City and Liverpool dominating the last four years, reflecting the rivalry between La Liga Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​Pep was asked if he would outperform the Premier League rivalry from the two best teams in Spain.

He replied: “No, I’m not saying either, I have to admit I’m Barcelona, ​​they are a part of my life, I was a football player, a teenager, they are a club in my heart.

“It’s special for me, it’s my home and it allowed me to be a player and a manager, I grew up there, I was taught through sports from Barça, I am very grateful for what Barcelona has done for me and I am so grateful. Four incredible four years as a manager that I will never forget.

“I won’t change a second of it, not even these games against Madrid, but in previous years, when Manuel Pellegrini was there, it was fantastic, always my dream about Barcelona is the best, it’s just different (here) .

“The competition we had with Jose was good, I learned a lot for myself. Growing up as a manager, Jose forced me to take the team to another level and it’s the same here, but it’s quieter here from the outside.

“You have to be proud of your country. It’s the best.”


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