Hey, guys, how about trying out old college?

You may have got Gonsaga as your NCAA Big Dance Champ. There is no great danger.

But in your betting pool, you’ll be doing all the 68 teams rooted in some underdogs who can show off your disabled talent by throwing out sags led by Arizona, Baylor or even Drew Tim.

You may be a person who digs when you watch sports. A fan, a friend, a brother. A man, in other words.

Tournament times with names like Bryant, Longwood, and St. Peter’s make you interested in places you have never heard of.

You start to think of fun team nicknames like spiders, freers, and horned frogs. In idle daydreams, you think about the consequences of a fight between a real lancer and a scarlet knight.

One thing you never think about is real college, classes, professors, advanced learning. It’s rarely crossed your mind that this hoopla is derived from student athletes or that many ordinary people do not go to college.

You guys (and some women) are betting about $ 3.1 billion on these teams that exist in institutions designed for higher education, and it’s fun not to be disabled.

So, if you want to build a high-risk wage, bet on the future of youth in our increasingly female-dominated American society, with and without. And – what, brother? – You are slipping away from what you have. That is, if a college education still means something. It certainly does.

Here are some amazing statistics to keep in mind when you think of Coach K’s Exit Strategy: According to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, about 60% of enrollment in universities and colleges is currently made up of women. Males make up just over 40%. Fifty years ago, those figures were reversed.

It may be true that women still go through a lot of work, often get paid less than men, and struggle with promotions. Gender discrimination still exists, and it may never end. But here, this male college-exclusion thing is a tragedy that stares us in the face.

This has become so bad that many universities are silently favoring men in admission. Call it the Confirmation Act for Boys, the losers, in a distorted, disliked way, are women. As the headline in the 2021 paper on the Hechinger Report on Higher Education stated: “An unintended consequence of the decline of men in college: Women find it difficult to access.”

The reasons for the ratio change are many and complex, but in some ways simple. This is no longer a human world. Many men are drifting, in a state of uncertainty, lacking self-esteem, experiencing aging masculine values, powerful and aggressive. So good in college!

Yes, the world was a playground for men, especially whites. Just look at the Declaration of Independence. Do any women, minorities or poor immigrants see the signature? Women were not even allowed to vote until 1920, and did not receive Title IX protection until 1972.

Over the years, there has been a push for women’s equality in education, business development and society in general. The push worked, as the girls performed better overall in the school environment.

Women are now increasingly dominating college graduates and medical and law schools. Friends? Hey-hey! We have sports and gambling.

It somehow reminds me of the warnings about citizen class control in George Orwell’s’ Nineteen Eighty-Four ” and Aldous Huxley’s’ Brave New World ‘. But instead of Soma or Victory Jinn, we friends embody bracketology and possibilities.

Not only in the United States, young people are dropping out of school or joining future partners. A report from Our Moon Education, an African social welfare charity, states: “For example, in Zambia, there are only five times as many girls’ secondary schools as there are men. [ones]. . . . The boy is slowly becoming a victim of equity. “

This is not a pathetic party for boys. It does not address many of the racial factors involved here.

But it is a profound irony that most of the best players in the NCAA tournament are black. In college. This sets them apart from many other men, both black and non-black.

Men do not need to dominate this world. There are also good careers that college diplomas do not require.

But for boys and women – a balanced world is needed. March madness and year-round stupidity and more.

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