How LEGO Star Wars can improve the Skywalker saga classes in future games

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga impressed the critics by accepting LEGO The game formula moves forward in new and exciting ways. The mechanics of the character class were especially popular with the fans, as it complements the impressively large list of playable characters in the game. Instead of being assigned from character to character, abilities are now universal for certain classes. For example, any character with a Hero class can use a hook.

Overall, class mechanics is a welcome change that helps prevent the game list from feeling overwhelming, especially when it’s time to go back through the story levels in free play mode. Instead of players having to remember what characters certain terminals can use, they need to follow the abilities of each class. This is a very positive change for LEGO game formula, although there are things that could improve in the future.

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One of the few disadvantages of character classes is that they take away from what was before LEGO playlists feel weird. The characters had unique sets of abilities that were chosen for them, making them feel unique when playing. The characters feel less strange Skywalker saga as in the previous LEGO titles. The Jedi and the Sith are a great example of this, as some characters lack their characteristic Force movements.

The game has a class called “Extra”, which includes playable characters that are different from other classes in the game. While characters like Wampa and Rancor are definitely welcome additions, the Extra category is mostly home to Gonk Droids and Lobots. Star Wars the universe. In other words, Extra characters don’t really have much use other than fun Easter eggs or jokes.

Giving unique abilities to certain characters defeats the main advantage of class mechanics, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have character-specific attacks that they can use in combat. Although fighting is not usually the main focus LEGO games, Skywalker saga has already given this area a little more depth using a combined system. Special combat skills would help certain characters feel unique without compromising the good that the class mechanic does.

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Although it is difficult to complain about Skywalker sagaDue to the size of the roster, there is a significant imbalance in the number of characters available in each class. Dark Side Force users are exceptionally lacking, and only nine playable characters fall into this category. Meanwhile, the Hero and Villain categories are completely overflowing with variants of soldier units from each major faction. While the character creator could help with this problem, the feature was removed from the game during development.

Tantive IV as it appears in the LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga.

Maintaining a closer balance between the types of characters involved would not only give players more options, but it would probably also lead to a more memorable list without sacrificing size. Dark Side Force users in particular would benefit from characters that are included not only in movies. Of course, it would also help the character creator to make the cut, although it’s still a lot of fun to see most of the list from the original LEGO Star Wars games are back.

The lack of unique skills and the unbalanced choice of classes can be summed up similarly. Character classes keep the playable list manageable, but they also simplify things too much to the point that they don’t fully comply with the rest. LEGO game formula. This is not to say that these changes are a bad thing overall – there are only a few better ways to combine existing LEGO gaming experience with these changes.

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Overall, the character classes are an incredibly positive change for the series. How LEGO The games are constantly increasing in terms of roster size, it is more difficult to find a balance with the types of puzzles presented to players. Exchanging characters to use certain abilities has always been a big part LEGO games, but rummaging through the larger and larger pages of the rosters for the right character has become a bit of a chore.

LEGO Ben Kenobi on Tatooine in Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga.

Dividing the roster into classes means that players don’t have to look for one of the many characters they might have the ability they need to solve the puzzle. Instead, players must move to the category of the corresponding class and choose any of the results. In the concept, the puzzles of abilities are almost identical to those in the previous one LEGO games, but they seem less challenging because it is faster to swap characters.

It is also worth noting that the available classes are designed to be all equally useful. Astromech and Protocol droids are just as effective as in previous games, but now they have the ability to defend themselves. Jedi can use Force in a number of creative ways, and Sithi have little advantage in being able to use Force on Dark Side items. This helps to compensate for their limited listing. In short, with a few improvements, the new class system may prove even better in future franchise registrations.

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