How much does a paid first-class Air France upgrade cost?

Although I doubt that many people will be in a hurry to take this opportunity, I still think it is worth covering.

Air France’s first class is amazing and exclusive

Air France first class, also known as La Premiere, is an absolutely incredible product. It is only available on key routes on selected Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. The cab has only four seats in a 1-2-1 configuration, with each seat hinged from the floor to the ceiling.

I personally classify Air France first class as the world’s most comprehensive first-class product:

First class La Premiere Air France

The catch is that an actual Air France first class reservation is expensive:

  • Only Flying Blue Gold and Platinum members can exchange first class miles and the redemption rate is extremely high (more than 200,000 miles one way)
  • Air France sometimes has reasonable first-class fares when paying in cash, although not as consistently as in the past; add to the fact that there are only four first class seats in the selected aircraft and there are not many options to try this product

Air France sells first-class improvements upon registration

If you want to fly first class Air France without paying directly for it, there is one best way to do it. In particular, Air France will sometimes try to sell first-class enhancements either at registration, or even a little earlier. Even those who booked an award-winning ticket could be entitled to it.

For example, I recently booked a family member in the Air France business class from New York to Paris using Flying Blue miles. During the registration invitation email, there was a note that there was an “upgrade offer just for you.” The email stated that updates were available from $ 2,204.50 per person.

Air France first-class upgrade offer

Interestingly, when I clicked, the price increased by $ 15.50 to $ 2,220.

Air France first-class upgrade offer

You can also choose your location immediately as you go through the upgrade process. As you can see, in this case, three of the four first-class seats were unoccupied at the time of registration.

Air France first-class upgrade offer

In the end, we didn’t take advantage of the offer, but I thought it was an interesting data point. I would like OMAAT readers to be able to share any upgrade offers they receive during registration in the comments section and, ideally, also to share the route and type of fare booked.

Air France’s first-class experience is exceptional

Will a first-class Air France upgrade pay off?

Of course, $ 2,220 is a huge amount to spend on first-class improvements on a seven-hour night flight, especially when the Air France 777 business class is already very good. By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive.

As has been said, a few ideas:

  • If you are an airline enthusiast and want to experience Air France La Premiere in one segment as economically as possible, a paid upgrade on a one-way ticket is probably the best way to do it.
  • In general, it is of greater value if you are either from Paris or flying to Paris and connecting on the same day, so you can use the Air France La Premiere lounge in Paris, which is half the experience.
  • Since Air France has flat beds with direct access to the 777 aisle, I would be more interested in daytime flights than night flights because I would be more likely to stay upstairs and “have fun” on the second flight.
  • As Air France has only four first-class seats in the cabin, anticipate that these upgrades will often not be available, as Air France will often sell first-class in advance (especially to Los Angeles and New York); I suspect that these improvement offers will also not make the last seat available
Air France’s first-class ground experience is incredible

Bottom line

Air France sometimes offers paid upgrades from business class to first class, even on award-winning tickets. This is the most commonly available when registering, although expect it to be expensive. On a recent flight from New York to Paris, a family member was offered a business-class upgrade to first-class for $ 2,220.

While upgrades aren’t cheap, I think it’s at least worth being aware of this option if you’re a big airline enthusiast or want to pamper yourself on a special occasion and experience one of the best premium products in the world.

At what price would you take advantage of a paid upgrade to a first-class Air France? And if you’ve been offered a paid update, let us know what the offer was, because I think others will appreciate these data points!

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