How Practitioners Built Top 10 Shortlists for AI/ Hyperautomation, Cybersecurity, and Data

Kieron Allen hosts Chief Content Officer Aaron Back, who explains the new Acceleration Economy Top 10 shortlists for AI/Hyperautomation, Cybersecurity, and Data Modernization and defines why these lists were created.


00:30 — The new Top 10 lists will be prominently featured in analyzes from Acceleration Economy and its practitioner analysts moving forward. Kieron asks Aaron to define these Top 10 lists.

00:46 — Many viewers are familiar with Bob Evans’ ongoing analysis of the Cloud Wars Top 10 companies, which he founded several years ago. Acceleration Economy is extending its coverage of the Top 10 rankings across its Cybersecurity, Data Modernization, and AI/Hyperautomation channels. The intent of these shortlists is to highlight the companies that are shaping and changing the industries. Across each of these pillars are 10 companies that have been identified — all of which play a crucial role in the digital-first world.

02:48 — Why is now the time to expand the Top 10 rankings into other areas within the Acceleration Economy? Aaron believes the new shortlists are building off of what has been established by Bob Evans and the Cloud Wars Top 10 lists. These pillars have become foundational to the entire process of business technology. The Top 10 lists are a way to showcase the innovative work that is being done in each respective industry — many of which are small, mid-sized, or startup companies.

04:26 — It is important to establish how the Acceleration Economy network came to decide what companies will be featured on the Top 10 lists for each pillar. Who will be leading these pillars and what is their experience?

04:46 — Acceleration Economy direct practitioner analysts are leading each channel and have collaborated with the Acceleration Economy team to determine who will be on this list. Direct practitioner analysts represent their areas of expertise and work directly in these fields. Analysts and CISOs Frank Domizio, Chris Hughes, and Robert Wood will be leading the Cybersecurity channel; Wayne Sadin, a long-time CIO/CDO/CTO will be leading the Data Modernization channel; and Toni Witt, Ronak Mathur, and Aaron are co-leading the AI/Hyperautomation channel.

06:41 — As the coverage continues, readers will find that all of these technologies have a “great interplay” with each other, and that crossover will come through the focus on these four pillars.

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