How the innovative Huupe smart basketball hoop uses machine learning and advanced analysis to revolutionize how basketball fans play

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / 31 March 2022 / As the National Basketball Association (NBA) increases its domestic and international reach, the league and the game of basketball in general will mature. In particular, it is growing analytical revolution happens around the world NBA, college basketball, & international basketball. This revolution is not only included in the top professional leagues, as semi-professional, amateur and youth basketball coaches also benefit from the analysis. Over the past decade, general managers and coaches have relied more on new hyper-private statistics and advanced analytics to make informed decisions on and off the field.

As basketball professionals become smarter and new technology allows coaches to obtain accurate statistics that were previously impossible to record, players can improve their game through more intelligent training, rather than harder. Player Efficiency Ratings (PER), True Shooting Percentage (TS%), Use Percentage (USG%), Winning and Defensive Shares (OWS & DSW) and Score Plus / Minus (OBPM & DBPM). a few of the new statistical categories change the way we understand sports. By using these new statistics and inventive analytics programs, coaches can help players maximize the results of their training hours and reach their real potential.

Hup is the latest piece of basketball technology that is leading the analytical revolution in the sport. With a smart screen replacing the traditional board, advanced (and fun) learning mechanisms, as well as a smooth but weather-resistant design, Huupe is the world’s first intelligent basketball hoop that directly supports smart hoop training videos, competitions and outstanding videos. does. , Huupe offers basketball lovers a powerful new basketball experience. Furthermore, using machine learning and computer vision, Huupe’s basketball smart ring suggestions can track player statistics while playing and analyze the data obtained.

Founders and lifelong friends Paul Anton and Lit Said spent a year prototyping and three years developing Huupe hardware and software with their CTO, Dan Hayes, to make sure the smart ring is a truly revolutionary invention in IoT and consumer product technology. is reasonable. .

After building and breaking basketball hoops and smart screens that can’t be counted, a smart basketball hoop created a player that uses computer vision and machine learning to capture and analyze important statistics needed to help a player perform. While the Huupe team is incredibly proud of the powerful technology behind the smart ring, they also boast of the friendly and exciting UX of their products, racing and leading boards, as well as various other online features. Of course, when a lot of people install basketball hoops outside, the Huupe is incredibly durable and weather-resistant, without any aesthetic appeal.

Whether the Huupe owners are shooting, playing with friends, competing in challenges, or training with one of hundreds of NBA-level training videos, the Huupe basketball smart ring keeps all the performance statistics. This allows players to easily track data and analyze this information with a more accurate and intelligent touch. Innovative computer vision Huupe records traditional statistics as well as advanced statistics such as spinning, hitting, losing, trajectory, shooting position, vertical jump, wing spread and so on.

With their innovative intellectual circle, Anton and Said are the perfect individuals to contribute to the analytical revolution in the NBA and the entire sport of basketball. Anton and Said are lifelong fans of the sport who have basketball in their blood. Anton and Said were involved in basketball during their childhood, are really passionate about the game; they are not only trying to connect themselves to an innovative technology and not just looking for their next business endeavor. The two co-founders will improve their skills in the mission of helping players, gain access to world-class training, and help basketball fans connect with like-minded individuals.

Moreover, Anton and Said are unique in achieving these goals. Anton’s previous venture, Real Shot, used AR / VR technology, machine learning and computer vision to create an innovative basketball experience and took center stage at Deutsche Telekom: raum accelerator; Said has extensive experience in the market and artificial technologies helping startups operate and grow their business.

We are thrilled to see how these passionate and talented co-founders capture the hearts and minds of basketball players and fans around the world with their intelligent ring that changes the game.

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