How to make creativity a part of your daily routine

Cameron says walking can help you “get in touch with your thoughts.” Walk twice a week, alone, for 20 minutes. Leave your phone at home. Do not do anything along the way or bring a dog or friend with you. Just go and just go.

Walking is not only a creative exercise, it is also a spiritual exercise. “For centuries, spiritual seekers have gone – in searches, in shrines, through labyrinths,” says Cameron. Walking can be a way to connect with the world around you and your superior power (though you define it).

Before you close this tub, know that Cameron defines prayer gently. He does not command you to pray for anyone or to try to get God to praise you. He just wants you to connect with the creative energy outside of yourself.

Prayer will look, feel and sound different to all of us but it doesn’t matter how it arises – ultimately prayer brings a kind of freedom, Cameron says. He offers a few prayer exercises in search of wisdom:

A prayer of prayers: This is what he calls the “Santa Claus” prayer. “You’re asking for something, and you expect higher power to deliver.”

Cameron suggests being very honest during prayer, but also remember that we have a limited vision. “You have to remind yourself that God is more observant … and may have better reserves for you than what you have planned yourself.”

Prayers for guidance: Once a day write down a question you have about your life and “listen, and write down what comes back.” “The goal is to be eager to ask questions, and then be open to receiving. The answers you hear may surprise you.”

For example, you may not be sure what your creativity should look like. You may ask: What should I do or create with my creative request? See what the answer is.

Prayers of thanksgiving: Talk about what you appreciate. “Maybe it’s, ‘I’m thankful for my curly hair. I’m thankful for my dog.’

Cameron says the exercise can turn frustration into optimism, which she believes is a boon to creativity. “We believe in the image of the painter. And that creativity is born of pain. And what I’ve found is that creativity is born of joy, which is a fundamental step in acquiring.”

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