How TruckBook is building a world-class AI platform for truck owner-operators

“While the world is being disrupted by digital technology, there is no reason for truckers to be left behind struggling with the right freight capacity and navigation; where they have to wait for weeks to receive the payment for not having access to cutting-edge online tools,” says. Pardeep BajwaCEO and founder of US-based logistics startup TruckBookas he reveals what motivated him to build TruckBook, a tech-enabled app dedicated to shippers, owner-operators and truck drivers.

Launched in 2018, TruckBook is a digital freight platform that connects shippers to thousands of verified carriers registered with it. With its global product and technology center in Bengaluru, TruckBook offers smart load booking that allows owner-operators to maximize their revenue. It also helps them find optimized routes to reduce deadhead miles while giving them control and full flexibility over their own schedules. Apart from Bengaluru, TruckBook has offices in Mohali and Delhi-NCR. The platform is currently being used by over 10,000 owner-operators and 1 million drivers for availing endless capacity, smart load booking, and exploring job opportunities. TruckBook claims that their iOS and Android apps are the number one app made by truckers for truckers.

Redefining the trucking industry

With over 1 million truckers onboard, TruckBook aims to build the largest community of truckers where they can find top-ranked jobs, and places of interest and grow together. Backed by futuristic trucking technology, TruckBook has over 50,000 active loads sourced by various load boards. Its automated dispatching system creates optimized schedules resulting in minimum deadhead miles, currently at 7.2 percent, and carbon emissions ensuring sustainable freight moving with minimal wastage of money and fuel.

After receiving a pre-seed funding of USD 300,000 from T3RA Group in January 2020, it expanded its operations to serve shippers and owner-operators. It acquired LeoTrans and PackerTrans in December 2021 to introduce dispatch services. TruckBook further raised USD 3 million in seed funding from Sacramento-based venture capital firm Moneta Ventures in April 2022. The funding is likely to strengthen TruckBook in its mission to redefine the trucking industry with a combination of artificial intelligence and automated solutions to enable owner- operators to maximize their business potential.

By constantly liaising with their peers in the US, TruckBook’s small and aggressively growing product and tech team based in Bengaluru is trying to understand the day-to-day challenges of truckers in the US and building on user-experience expectations. They are also engaging with active research regarding the quickest available routes to their destination. As a result, the TruckBook team has successfully built a tech-first application, the most convenient easy-to-use platform for truckers with more than 500,000 downloads in a very short period. TruckBook is currently connecting leading brands of the industry with tailored capacity while ensuring top-notch shipping services with minimum deadhead miles.

On a hiring spree

“We are aiming to build a global tech center in Bengaluru by acquiring the top talent of the country in order to develop innovative scientific technology to disrupt the way freight is moved in the US. If the thought of directly impacting the lives of millions in a positive way by making use of progressive technology motivates you, you are the one we are looking for. We are aggressively hiring at the moment. We plan to double up our team until we have built a one-stop automated solution for freight movement,” says. Mukesh KansalCo-founder, TruckBook, who joined the startup in July 2019.

TruckBook targets to hire a hundred more people by the end of the next quarter for different categories of roles like software engineers, developers and designers. It is planning to transform its Bengaluru office into a tech hub for the company with an atmosphere charged with technological advancement, cultural diversity, and a focused vision to impact lives where the nation’s greatest minds work together to achieve a common goal of reinventing trucking in the US.

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