Hoxy School District is considering a four-day school week

HOXIE, Ark. (KAIT) – Another school in Area 8 is exploring the idea of ​​a four-day week for the 2022-23 school year. Hawks School District conducted surveys and meetings before any possible decision.

If approved, Hexi will join Rivercrest School District in adopting a four-day school week. If it does not pass, they will join the counties of West Memphis schools in voting for the idea.

However, some parents say they simply do not understand why the school is considering the transition.

“How do they expect everyone to adapt to it and make it work?” Asked Hunter Jones.

Jones has two children in Hawks School District. He said no one had given him a direct answer on how the four-day week would benefit his children. He also said that the children have already undergone enough changes with the COVID-19 epidemic, and should return to regular education.

“I do not object to our school doing something that is going to be beneficial and better for our children, I just do not see where it will be beneficial to our children in any way,” he said.

Hawks Superintendent Kelly Gilham was not available for comment, but School Board member David Dobbs weighed in. He said the Arkansas Division of Elementary and Higher Education has paved the way for schools to exercise the option, and Hawks schools have since measured interest.

They sent surveys and held meetings on the subject. According to Dobs, “around 75 percent” of the staff who participated in the survey are in favor of the move, but the parents were “divided” with about 50 percent from each side.

“What we’re looking for is what’s best for our children and our families that we represent. The four-day work week may work great for Jonesborough School, but it may not work for the Hawks School. So, we just need to see what’s right for our voters. , “Dobbs said.

The school held a meeting for parents of elementary school students on Tuesday night, and a meeting for parents of high school students on Wednesday night to break down the small details and answer any questions.

Dobbs said a decision will be made no later than May 1, the deadline for submitting the school calendar, but it will be held at the school board meeting, not behind closed doors. He encouraged parents to add these sessions, but if they want to talk, they will have to appear on the agenda of this session beforehand.

As for Jones, he said that if the school moves to a four-day week, he may have to enroll his children in another school.

According to the school’s website, school board meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at 6 p.m. at the Hawks School Administration Office.

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