“I know the exact pen*s size of a beaver”: Valtteri Bottas presents Lewis Hamilton with most ridiculous piece of information he knows.

In a conversation with Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas revealed he knows the exact average pen*s size of a beaver.

Bottas joined Mercedes in 2017 and teamed up alongside Hamilton. In his five years with the team, he played a pivotal role in guiding them to five Constructors’ Championship victories before leaving for Alfa Romeo in 2021.

During his time with the Silver Arrows, he developed a good friendship with Hamilton. On the track, the latter was the clear number 1 driver. Bottas had to sacrifice plenty of his own races in order to help his teammate gain more points to fight for the Title. Off it, however, they were close. After he left in 2021, Hamilton regarded him as the best teammate he ever had.

Hamilton and Bottas shot a promotional video where they were asking questions to each other during their time together as teammates. There, Hamilton asked the Finn what the most ridiculous thing he knew was. The answer was so random that Hamilton was completely shocked.

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Valtteri Bottas was searching for beaver pen*is sizes on Google.

Bottas revealed that he knew exactly what the average pen*s sizes of beavers were. This was an answer that caught Hamilton by surprise, and the Brit burst out laughing.

“I know exactly, by millimeter, the average pen*s size of a beaver,” the former Williams driver said. Hamilton’s first question was what the size actually was, which was quickly followed by the more logical question, “Why do you know that?”

Bottas added the size was around 30 millimeters (of an European beaver). He admitted that he came across this piece of information while he was scrolling through Google, which led fans to wonder what he was thinking!

“When I was googling those things,” he added. “I was afraid I was going to get arrested or something.”

Even though Bottas has left Mercedes, his relationship with Hamilton remains strong. They still share jokes with another. Earlier this year, Bottas posted a picture of his bare back on Instagram. The following week, he presented his former teammate with a photo-frame having the same picture.

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