“If You Give a Child a Book” campaign donates to St. Ignatius students

It was a special day for us at KPAX as we got to celebrate reading with Saint Ignatius Elementary School on Wednesday.

We got to sit down with this great group of first grade students to read them a story.

They were great listeners and had many good questions and comments.

But the best part is that each child got to pick two brand new books of their very own to take home with them.

“If You Give a Child a Book” campaign donates to St. Ignatius Elementary students

It’s part of our parent company EW Scripps’ “If You Give a Child a Book” campaign where we spread the love of reading.

This year, we were able to give each child in grades K-8 in Saint Ignatius two books of their own.

Some couldn’t wait to start reading them!

This year, Scripps gave out its millionth book.

This childhood literacy program is an annual event by the Scripps Howard Foundation and funded by Scripps employees.

Putting a book in a child’s hand and encouraging a love of reading helps their academic achievement, no matter their income level.

Thanks to this year’s donations, we were able to include three more grade levels in our book campaign this year at Saint Ignatius.

We will do it all over again next week when we go to Lowell Elementary School in Missoula.


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