IGNITE Creativity Festival 2022

Creative arts students and graduates in Plymouth have had the opportunity to network with business leaders as part of the New Job Festival.

Before the official launch of the 4th annual Plymouth IGNITE Creativity Festival this summer, the university and Plymouth Arts College students met with representatives of the host companies in the box to discuss employment and collaboration opportunities for the coming year.

They were joined by Hannah Harris, executive director of Plymouth Culture, Lewis Charland, career counselor at Plymouth College of the Arts, and Jenny Evans, a young entrepreneur and artist who won the award. Put together for discussion. – Also what to expect from the upcoming IGNITE.

Michael Deacon, a BA (Hons) guidance student at the university, said:

“The launch event was a great way to connect with other students, staff and local business people, as well as provide an opportunity to re-evaluate my goals, ideas and aspirations through a series of motivational and educational discussions and elements. The launch was a springboard to some of the new creative ideas I’m looking forward to working on right now.

Olivia Novotnak, a final year BA (Hons) fashion design student from Plymouth College of Art, began the event by talking about her personal journey and how to prepare for life after university.

Olivia said:

“I am currently designing and creating my graduation collection, which focuses on self-expression and belief around body dysmorphia. I didn’t believe in talking like today, but my study of fashion broke my fears. Introducing WEAR to the public as a founder, which I can’t wait to share with you.

Representatives from Barclays, Plymouth Stubbs, Milfields Trust, Bus Inf Brew, Elliott, Symphony Club, Autist, True Ideas and many other businesses and organizations attended the network meeting.

This year’s IGNITE Creativity Festival is scheduled to take place from May 27 to July 15. The program includes public-level exhibitions at many venues throughout the city, including galleries, studios and venues; The award-winning business website for exploring hundreds of graduate profiles, helping them engage and recruit with the creative talent created; And a dialogue program for both business and graduates.

“What I like, as an artist looking for an artistic future, is performing with artists from different disciplines, such as fashion, architecture, or interior design.”

BA (Hons) Media Arts, said Scott Jenkins.

IGNITE not only widens the audience’s attention to my work but it also allows me to engage with specific observations and exercises beyond my field. And the main privilege of attending the opening ceremony was to witness the first-hand valued business leaders in the arts space within the city. Knowing the hunger in the city for more arts makes me believe that Plymouth will continue to grow and push the boundaries with dynamism and enthusiasm.

IGNITE is supported by the Plymouth City Council as part of the iMayflower project, and by the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sports, which is funded by the Cultural Development Fund (administered by the Arts Council UK).

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