illustrated by local school pupils

The Archie Foundation is publishing a fundraising book illustrated exclusively by local school pupils.

‘Archie And Amanda’s Amazing Adventure’ is written by long term Archie supporter Alec Franks.

Mr Franks kindly donated the book to the children’s charity at the end of 2021. In May, Archie’s appealed for local school children to help bring the story to life.

More than 1,200 fantastic pictures flooded in from north-east school pupils.

The Archie Foundation – which helps thousands of sick and bereaved kids and their families across the north-east every year – is holding a special exhibition of all the pictures from 8-9 October at Union Square, Aberdeen.

Meanwhile, 50 very special illustrations feature in the final publication.

“The book itself will be a great fundraiser for the charity and will become a permanent fixture in our charity merchandise,” said Cassie McGunnigle from The Archie Foundation, which is based at Aberdeen Royal Children’s Hospital.

“It will also be used within the hospital and gifted to children that we support. The book will be relatable for many children who spend time in hospital, while containing elements of magic and make-believe.

“It’s been an absolute privilege to work alongside Alec Franks on this project. The book has shed a whole new light on our mascot Archie and I’m so excited that we are bringing him to life in a children’s book.”

Amanda And Archie’s Big Adventure

In the book, eight-year-old Amanda spends most of her time in hospital. Although she knows it is the best place to get better, she dreams of going on a huge adventure.

Amanda had just about had enough of being in hospital when out of nowhere, a magical bear named Archie appeared.

But who was he and why did he do such mischievous things? Amanda had no idea that she was about to go on the biggest adventure of her life.

Page 1, by Seth, King Edward Primary, Aberdeenshire.
Page 2, by Nikola, Braehead Primary, Aberdeen.
Page 3, by Aron, Hazlehead Primary, Aberdeen.
Page 3, by Zach, Hazlehead Primary, Aberdeen.
Page 4, by Ryan, Insch Primary, Aberdeenshire.
Page 5, by Olivia, Kingsford School, Aberdeen.
Page 6, by Maisie, St Cyrus Primary, Aberdeenshire.
Page 7, by Ethan, Pitmedden School, Aberdeenshire.
Page 8, by Emily, Woodside School, Aberdeen.
Page 9, by Willow, Rathen School, Aberdeenshire
Page 10, by Eilidh, Kintore School, Aberdeenshire.
Page 11, by Isabelle, Foveran Primary, Aberdeenshire
Page 12, by Ailsa, Elrick Primary, Aberdeenshire.
Page 13, by Angelina, Fishermoss Primary, Aberdeen.
Page 14, by Tara, Kingswells Primary, Aberdeen.
Page 15, by Leah, Dunrossness Primary, Shetland.
Page 16, by Megan, Drumblade Primary, Aberdeenshire.
Page 17, by Kelsey, Meethill Primary, Aberdeenshire.
Page 18, by Alfie, Tullynessle Primary, Aberdeenshire.
Page 19, by Luke, Murrayburn Primary, Edinburgh.
Page 20, by Quinn Dalgleish, Mill O’ Forrest School, Aberdeenshire.
Page 21, by Angus, Mill O’Forest School, Aberdeenshire.
Page 22, by Samantha, Gordon Primary, Aberdeenshire.
Page 23, by Aoibhe, Our Lady Of The Missions, Glasgow.
Page 24, by Olivia, Westpark Primary, Aberdeen.
Page 24, by Calum, Dunning Primary, Perthshire.
Page 25, by Ellie, Dunning Primary, Perthshire.
Page 26, by Poppy, Crathie Primary, Aberdeenshire.
Page 27, by Christina, St Monica’s Primary, Glasgow.
Page 27, by Jessica, Crathie Primary, Aberdeenshire.
Page 28, by Hamish, Airyhall Primary, Aberdeen.
Page 29, by Elsie, Hillside Primary, Aberdeenshire.
Page 30, by Niamh, Lairhillock Primary, Aberdeenshire.
Page 31, by Dexter, Arduthie Park Primary, Aberdeenshire.
Page 32, anon, Sylvester’s Primary, Moray.
Page 33, by Calum, Aboyne Primary, Aberdeenshire.
Page 34, by Emily, Rosehearty Primary, Aberdeenshire.
Page 35, by Emma, ​​Culter Primary, Aberdeenshire.
Page 36, by Wumi, Fishermoss Primary, Aberdeenshire.
Page 37, by Louis, Mile-End Primary, Aberdeen.
Page 40, by Maia, Our Lady Of The Missions Primary, Glasgow.
Page 41, by Brodie, Dales Park Primary, Aberdeenshire.
Page 42, by Joshua, Aberchirder Primary, Aberdeenshire.
Page 43, by Georgia, Airyhall Primary, Aberdeen.
Page 44, by Abby, Kellands Primary, Aberdeenshire
Page 45, by Nathan, Cornhill Primary, Aberdeen.
Page 46, by Arwen, Kininmonth Primary, Aberdeenshire.
Page 46, by Ellie, Aberchirder Primary, Aberdeenshire.
Page 46, by Lucy, New Deer Primary, Aberdeenshire.
Page 47, by Olivia, Newtonhill Primary, Aberdeenshire.

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[illustrated by local school pupils]


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