I’m a hot teacher – I’ve stripped off my work clothes after I quit my job and everyone’s saying the same thing

A TEACHER has stripped off her work clothes after quitting her job in the classroom – and everyone’s saying the same thing about her look.

Lillian Abra, who has more than 70,000 followers on TikTok, used to work as a primary school teacher – and she’s delighted to be free from the fashion constraints of her job.


Lillian is enjoying the freedom she now has to wear what she wantsCredit: TikTok
Lillian said she won't miss the outfits she wore in the classroom.


Lillian said she won’t miss the outfits she wore in the classroom.Credit: TikTok

In one of her videos, Lillian – dressed in a skimpy green top and white satin skirt – explains how quitting her teaching job means she gets to now wear what she likes.

She no longer has to worry about her smart teacher attire, or getting her clothes messy with young kids around.

“I quit my job as an elementary teacher, which means I no longer have to wear clothes that look like I’m sponsored by Old Navy.”

Wearing a long-sleeved skirt and navy trousers, she said: “I’m not going to miss this.”

Later, she put on another teacher outfit – a flowery dress and a scarf – and said: “I’m not saying that teacher fashion can’t be cute.

“I’m just saying that waking up every day at 5am and wearing stuff like this… it like did something to me psychologically.”

She added: “Let me be clear, teacher attire is not the same as business casual – there is a difference. I’m not sitting in an air conditioned cubicle talking to Mark about my spin class.

“I’m around a bunch of kids all the time who are sweaty… and I leave feeling like sticky.”

And her followers were quick to understand the freedom of throwing away teacher clothes, all telling her the same thing.

One said: “No it’s not business casual, you have to duck, climb, clean, organize, move, so no.”

Another wrote: “Teacher fashion can be cute but it’s pretty difficult.

“You gotta be comfy, covered, appropriate, gotta be able to be on your feet and move and get messy.”

A third commented: “Teacher fashion bothered me so much when I was in school for elementary.”

A fourth said: “I quit teaching eighth grade and I related to this so much.”

Another wrote: “Teacher fashion is the hardest concept!”

Lillian isn’t the first teacher to understand the freedom of changing out of your work wear.

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One teacher claims that people say she goes from a five to a ten when she changes out of her work clothes.

While another says she is inundated with offers from potential suitors when she reveals she’s a ”hot” geography teacher.

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