I’m a student teacher – I got dress-coded for my outfit but I can’t help having boobs, I’m not showing them off

A WOMAN who has dedicated her days to academia has received backlash on her style choices.

She maintained that the dress code targeted her for having boobs, not for anything she did wrong.


Emily is a student teacher and digital content creator based in California.Credit: TikTok

Emily is a student teacher at the University of California Santa Barbara.

She is also a digital content creator who posts videos to TikTok on lifestyle subjects.

The TikToker took to the social media platform to share her run-in with school administration.

“Me as a student teacher when I get dress coded,” she wrote over the video.

I got dress coded at work as my dress showed 'a lot of boob' but it was fine
I was dress-coded at work & told my outfit was 'too revealing' - I'm mad

She revealed her seemingly innocent outfit — a white tank top with a white lace cardigan over it.

The student teacher revealed a couple poses in the outfit set to a popular TikTok sound about being busty.

“Am I showing off my boobs?” The sound narrated. “Or do I just have boobs and exist?”

The video comes as part of a trend where young professionals show the outfit they wore to work which resulted in disciplinary action.

“No Bc I was too stunned to speak when the other student teacher got sent home for dress code,” she added in the caption.

Viewers of the viral video shared their two cents in the comment section.

“We need to get some of these old school instructors outta here and bring in fresh teachers tbh. The times are not the same,” one wrote.

“Me as a teacher. I cover everything but my girls are big. There is not much I can do,” another added.

“Man student teachers really be going through it I’m so sorry,” a third added.

Others agreed that the outfit was inappropriate for a school setting.

“Its not that its inappropriate its just unprofessional looking. Like the spaghetti straps and being low cut,” a critic wrote. “It’s something a student would wear.”

She revealed the offending outfit, which divided viewers


She revealed the offending outfit, which divided viewersCredit: TikTok

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