I’m a teacher and I never tell my kids they are good at drawing for this reason

WHEN it comes to being a teacher, you often have to be encouraging even if your pupil lacks talent.

But one art teacher has revealed her reasons for never telling kids they are “good at drawing”, even when they show promise.


An art teacher has confessed that she never tells kids they are good at drawing for a very important reasonCredit: artteacherkim

TikTok user @artteacherkim explained: “I don’t tell my students they are ‘good’ at drawing for a lot of reasons.”

She said the phrase is “not specific” and “too general” and instead she prefers to praise them for the work it took to “become the artist that they are.”

Kim explained you should compliment the process, the work, the practice and the effort.

She said: “Wow you worked really hard at drawing this city.

“Wow, you have practiced a lot.

“Wow, you must have been drawing all day, this looks great.

“As an adult I notice a lot of people give me compliments on how easy I make drawing look.

“And it is easy, right now, 34 years later.

“But they didn’t see the years of practice and nights drawing and doodling in my sketch book that it took to become the artist that I am.

“So no, I don’t tell my kids they are good at drawing, I let them know I see the hard work they are putting in to be good at drawing.”

Her video has racked up over 2,000 likes and people were quick to comment on her approach.

One said: “Love this!”

Another added: “This translates to everything in life. Praising work builds confidence in trying and failing, praising results diminishes confidence.”

Kim said you should focus on complimenting other qualities instead.


Kim said you should focus on complimenting other qualities instead.Credit: artteacherkim

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