Imagine that the study completes a complete set of K-12 math products with “All Green” scores from EdReports

EdReports offers independent reviews of educational materials designed to improve K-12 grade education. The EdReports column supports a sequential review process through three gates. Green ratings indicate that the curriculum meets the expectations of each gateway of the EdReports review system. Illustrative Mathematics K-5 received green points in all three gates and perfect scores for two of the three gates.

“We strive to provide all students with the best access to classroom level mathematics with Imagine Learning Mathematics Illustrative,” he said. Terry Gilligan, Vice President and General Manager, Curriculum. “Adopting all the greens from EdReports is a great honor and gives our team the strength to continue to offer teachers and students the most innovative and effective solutions.”

“We are proud that the approved version of Imagine Learning’s illustrative mathematics K-5 curriculum exceeds the EdReports criteria for Focus and Coherence, Strictness and Balance, and usability with high colors,” Dr. said. William McCallumDirector-General and Co-Founder of Illustrative Mathematics.

Imagine that the illustrative study of mathematics, formerly known as LearnZillion, offers a first-class digital experience that allows teachers to create a research-based and integrated learning environment that takes full advantage of the impact of high-quality curricula. create. As an IM Certified partner, Imagine Learning collaborates with the Illustration Mathematics team every step of the way by improving the curriculum through an entertaining experience with digital and printed resources, including ready-made, customized and assigned lesson cards; virtual manipulations and interactive mathematical tools that support mathematical experiments; digital, practical and assessment tasks that provide real-time feedback and information to inform educational decisions; and live synchronous guide virtually with LiveLearn.

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