“In flight, I learn **. Sell that iceberg to someone else.”: Nuggets head coach Mike Malone rejects the idea that Stephen Curry, Clay Thompson and Draymond Green should learn how to play together.

Nuggets head coach Mike Malone doesn’t believe Stephen Curry, Draymond Green and Clay Thompson should re-learn how to play together.

The Denver Nuggets team is in San Francisco preparing for tonight’s Golden State Warriors game in Game 1. After Jamal Murray and Michel Porter Jr. went on the season, Nikola Jokic rose to lead the Nuggets to 6th in the East. The ruling MVP is on its way to winning MVP awards.

The Nuggets briefly refrained from playing the game and instead booked tickets for the first-round playoff series against the Warriors. Stephen Curry is expected to return to the lineup tonight after the last 4 weeks. The Warriors are expected to grow tremendously for this reason.

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There are some people who are worried about compatibility. There are reports that the Warriors need to be trained in flight. However, Nuggets head coach Mike Malone doesn’t think so.

“Those guys have a lot of experience, sell that iceberg to someone else!”: Mike Malone

The Golden State Warriors got off to a strong start this year. They led the league with a score of 29-7 at the start of the season, but since then they have been plagued by injuries. Clay Thompson returned and Draymond Green was injured. Green came back and Steph was injured.

Throughout the season, Steph, Clay and Dray shared the field for just 11 minutes. The whole group did not play with Andre Iguodala at all. This led to the spread of many legends that say the Warriors should learn in flight.

However, Mike Malone calls the same part.

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In fairness, just 11 minutes isn’t enough for Steph, Clay, and Dray to re-learn how to play after more than 1,000 days. However, 10 years together has given them an edge and I can see what coach Malone was talking about.

I think we’ll have to wait a few hours and see how good the Warriors ’Big 3 is together.

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