Ingram Micro with AI, machine learning achieves digital transformation

Chief digital specialist Sanjib Sahu says the distributor is working to digitize one of the world’s largest ecosystems.

Ingram Micro is offering digital change to its organization.

The distributor said it uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and digital technology to “solve and simplify the problem of doing business in … an IT sales channel”.

Ingram Micro EVP and Chief Digital Specialist Sanjib Sahu lead the digital conversion.

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“We are working to digitize one of the world’s largest ecosystems, which is a technology divide,” he said. “Distribution needs to change the way an organization serves its customers, how we build our platforms, how we use our data, how we learn engineering, AI. There is a lot of work to be done in this area.”

The company’s priority is to improve the user experience for customers, vendors and partners, Saho said.

“We strive to be at least an experienced organization in the digital world,” he said. “We need to start with experience; otherwise we will not be able to make the right decision. We need to start with experience and work backwards, not vice versa. ”

Get the complexity

Saho notes the sophistication that exists at the back end and the company’s efforts to create a glass experience panel for customers.

“How can we educate our customers to improve their experience and make informed decisions about purchasing technology throughout their lives? You get an experience on one platform, not just in different places, ”he said.

“How do you do that for our vendors to make it easier to work with us? Many vendors and partners want to get their information back from the distributor to make their business easier, ”he said. “We really have to work to make it happen. And we want to make sure that our partner’s experience is relevant to all of this, and that experiences are all coordinated. It’s about overcoming the complexity of communicating with us and creating a rich experience.” . ”

Recruitment of new digital leaders

The “digital journey” began last November with the launch of the Ingram Micro flexible subscription engine to help partners manage their recycling service revenue. The investment also saw Ingram Micro hire a group of digital leaders to the newly formed Global Digital Solutions (GDS) organization.

Ajay Agarwal joins as Chief Product and Platform Specialist; Andrea China as Executive Director, Digital Program Management Operations; and Zlatan Dzinic as CEO of Enterprise and Solutions Architecture.

The distributor also hired the first chief data officer, Mukund Gopalan, who was previously Instagram’s business manager at Meta.

“It’s a core support group that is committed to digitizing the experience we create for our customers, vendors and partners,” Saho said.

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