Inspirational East Renfrewshire teacher drives former pupil’s career ambition

A PRIMARY school teacher has been left humbled after discovering a former pupil is aiming for a teaching career after being inspired by him.

Peter Mullan has taught in Barrhead since completing his probationary year at Cross Arthurlie Primary, before landing his current role at Carlibar Primary 10 years ago.

And having taught one class at Carlibar from P3 all the way to the end of school, he built a strong bond with many pupils and left a lasting impression on them.

Now in her sixth year at Barrhead High, Peter’s former pupil Amy Tasker is focused on pursuing a teaching career and puts that ambition down to her inspirational primary teacher.

Peter Mullan and Amy Tasker

Amy, 17, said: “Mr Mullan was always so good with our class and the way he taught really inspired me.

“He was so positive and made everything so much fun and light-hearted.

“When you were feeling a little down he brought you back up and he always believed in you.

“The main thing I’d take from his teaching style is just how much he believed in all his pupils and made sure that you did achieve.

“I want to bring that positive attitude to my career and help every child to achieve.”

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The humbled East Renfrewshire teacher said: “Amy always said she wanted to go down the teaching route and I’m delighted to see she’s still focused on that path.

“Amy always tried her best at everything she did and was very confident – ​​you could see her leadership skills from a young age.

“I had a great relationship with that class, given I taught them for so many years, and some of them had kept in touch from time to time.

“So to hear that Amy’s experiences whilst at Carlibar have led her to consider a career in teaching is really very touching.

“I got into teaching to inspire young people to do the best they can and to achieve.

“It’s not just about maths, numbers and letters – it’s about inspiring people to go on to achieve in whatever they choose to do in life.

“As a school, we will support Amy as much as we can to provide her with work experience, as she considers her future career.

“It would certainly make me feel very old if she were to be back in my classroom – but this time not as a pupil.”

Dad-of-two Peter, 40, loves teaching at Carlibar Primary and believes his early experiences of teaching in Barrhead during his probationary year has led to a strong affinity with the town.

He said: “Carlibar is the place for me to work – it just feels like home.

“The children are great and you get to build a real relationship.

“The school fits with how I like to teach and inspire children through providing that positive role model.

“In this school, it feels like you’re making a big difference to the children in the area.”

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