International Internship for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in Germany

By Som Sharma

Germany is one of the most recognized countries due to the advancement of data science and other technologies. The country demands AI and data science professionals as companies rely on large amounts of data to design and run businesses.

Job market for data science and AI in Germany

The German market is driven by companies, especially in the IT and business sectors. Although data science and AI are still new subjects among academics, the job market for AI and data science needs experts a lot.

According to reports, Germany will dominate the European Conservative AI ASR (Automated Speech Recognition) market by 2020, with a market value of more than $ 200 billion by 2027. As one of the most developed countries in terms of digital public services and business digitization, the AI ​​market is projected to grow at an impressive rate of 34.1% between 2019-2025.

Basically, the German job market follows all the modern AI and data science trends. The country offers internship opportunities even if they have not studied at any German university and allows you to apply the latest AI and data science techniques to dynamic data sets to drive the transformation of data lead businesses.

Students are offered great opportunities to intern. Depending on the area you are interested in you can choose an intern in AI research, where you can explore the fields of AI and ML (machine learning), cryptography, develop smart and effective solutions for businesses and clients of various companies. As many companies share mutual interest and partner with many other types of businesses around the world, you can work with a team that works closely with Data Analytics and QR.

Internships in AI and Data Science also provide internships in Quantitative Research Machine Learning to work with techniques such as Deep Learning and more. Manage and learn market making, electronics, trading, portfolio optimization and more. Germany also provides internships in sales, trade and research to develop new mathematical models, access to liquidity, create and develop large data, and develop new tools and avenues for developing tools that support speech recognition, natural language processing and more. .

Great opportunities in data science and AI

Companies like IBM offer internships for students studying data science. The internship offered by IBM is available to all international students not only in Germany but throughout Europe. These internship requirements are that students should have knowledge of NLP, a strong foundation of knowledge of Python skills and data structures. Apart from this, it is mandatory to be proficient in English to get an internship at IBM Germany.

Data Science is another company that offers internships for students where students can apply to gain expertise in data visualization and apply it in real life issues. The internship offered by this German-based company allows their interns to check out different models and analyze them to better understand their work, which helps the intern to enhance their experience.

Germany also offers internship opportunities for international students in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Leading internship opportunities for AI students Artificial internship researcher should bring algorithms for assessing the quality of AI from internship research papers in this internship and evaluate the status of the literature by providing AI quality, rather than this internship in Germany. They also provide application development teams and interns to work with scientists to design and produce new inventions.

Many companies are looking for internships in degree programs such as math, computer science, engineering and other similar files. Internships are offered for people with practical knowledge of machine learning, data science, AI tools and techniques, as well as one or more programming languages. With problem-solving skills, analytical skills, and strong communication skills, you can find many internships you like.

These internships will help you develop and grow professionally, train you with work experience, guide you through the process of helping you solve the global financial problem, help you gain knowledge and also increase your chances of gaining a full range of specialized skills. -Time lucrative job offer.

Author Idu is the Director of Brain Overseas.

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