Introducing a key reference on Quebec’s artificial intelligence sector

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Calling card to showcase Quebec’s AI expertise worldwide

Calling card to showcase Quebec's AI expertise worldwide

Calling card to showcase Quebec’s AI expertise worldwide

Directory and practical tools to facilitate AI adoption

Directory and practical tools to facilitate AI adoption

Directory and practical tools to facilitate AI adoption

Montreal, April 08, 2022 (Globe Newswire) – Forum IA Quebec is launching today a kind of platform in Quebec’s AI sector: Vitrin AI Quebec.

Developed by the forum, the platform was made possible by the support of working groups created with the support of various representatives, including financial support from Quebec’s Ministry of Finance and Innovation (MEI) and the Ministry of International Relations and La Francophone (MRIF). AI industry. Vitrin has two main benefits.

First, it provides an overview of the different dimensions of Quebec’s AI ecosystem, ranking it as the 7th strongest turtle in the world. Global AI Index. With just a few clicks, Vitrine allows users to see why the province stands out on the international stage.

In addition, Vitrine has a wide range of practical tools that can help customers more quickly adopt and integrate AI solutions and enable Quebec to reap the economic and social benefits of AI as a whole.

Quebec’s first-type directory of AI companies

As a gateway to the province’s AI ecosystem, Vitrine AI Québec holds the most comprehensive directory of Quebec AI organizations ever created. With more than 700 companies listed, it was developed to help connect industry stakeholders and allow customers to search for AI products and services that fit their business needs using specific criteria or keywords.

Vitrin‌ also has an export portal that allows companies to confidentially share their export plans with the Ministry of International Relations and La Francophone, as well as its partners, who can use this information to provide AI companies. Improved international marketing and commercialization support.

Launched as a beta release, the platform allows companies to register to update their profile or create independently. Additional features will be added over time based on the needs expressed by the shareholders of the ecosystem with a view to improving the directory value for organizations and end users.

Practical tools to facilitate AI adoption

Vitrine AI Qu ప్రారంభbec contains initial case studies intended for users interested in the potential of AI. Case studies provide AI solutions used by companies across a wide range of areas to increase productivity and innovation. For businesses ready to take the next step, the forum provides access to the AI ​​funding search engine, which is powered by AI and developed by the Quebec company Fundica.

The platform will soon have an interactive AI Maturity Assessment tool designed to connect businesses with solution developers or research centers to help them adapt to AI. Finally, Vitrine is a tool that helps organizations integrate AI in an ethical and responsible manner.

Rushing into new markets

“I am very proud to launch Vitrin today. Refers to one of the key recommendations mentioned in the platform Strategy for the Development of Quebec’s Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem,Mary-Paul Jensen, President and CEO of the Forum IA Quebec, said: “Vitrin is a powerful tool for helping to showcase Quebec’s AI ecosystem internationally and enables adoption of locally developed AI solutions from agriculture to all sectors of the Quebec economy. Financial assistance for food production. “

Vitrin serves as a true calling card that will help Quebec’s reputation and strengthen its reputation in the AI ​​world. ” They help to establish connections that lead to the growth of exports and attract major investments and expertise to the province.

Vitrine AI is developed to meet the needs of the Québec ecosystem. The forum is already working with partners on a number of projects aimed at improving the content and tools available on Vitrine in the coming months.

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Forum IA Quebec’s goal is to promote the progress of Quebec’s AI ecosystem. It does this by mobilizing and mobilizing players on the field around common projects, conducting monitoring and strategic thinking activities, and representing and promoting the ecosystem in Quebec, Canada and abroad.

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Sarah Gagnon-Turkot, Director, AI Adoption, Forum IA Quebec

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