Istanbul’s secular pro-mayor and potential presidential candidate Imamoglu visits intelligence-linked jihadist charity

Levant Kenz / Stockholm

Istanbul Mayor Ekrem Imamoglu from the secular main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) on Monday visited the Jihadist Foundation, which is known for its dark activities abroad, including extremist support for Turkey’s Islamist government and arms smuggling, and criticism from his supporters.

Interestingly, people who support the Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief (İHH) and those who have made great efforts to prevent imamogs from being elected in 2019 also did not approve of the visit, the CHP Anti-Religious Party said.

It seems that the two sides did not want to talk much about this meeting. HH tweeted about the visit: “The Metropolitan Mayor of Istanbul, Mr. Ekrem İmamoğlu, visited our Foundation‌. During the visit, we briefed him on the work being done by our Foundation in Turkey and around the world. Although every visit to the Foundation has been reported on the İHH website İ, İmamoğlu’s has not been reported.

Mamoğlu, on the other hand, is active on social media and his communications are handled by a professional team, sharing nothing about the visit. Media outlets supporting the mayor, fearing a backlash from his supporters, did not publish any news about the visit.

İmamoğlu (3rd from left) received a low level welcome at İHH.

Another important detail about the visit is that İmamoğlu received a low level of welcome. Usman Attlee, a member of the Board of Trustees, met with the mayor during his visit. The absence of Foundation President Bulent Yaldirim is a violation of Turkish protocol. Yıldırım may have been absent to avoid pictures taken with mamoğlu, which led to protests by government supporters.

Hence the curiosity as to why the visit was so disliked by the visitor or the host. Undoubtedly, ప్రయత్నాలుmamoğlu’s attempts to show that he is the mayor of everything are hidden behind this. After defeating the Islamist government candidate who has ruled Istanbul for 25 years, Imamoglu announced that he would end the powers of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) supporters and treat everyone equally regardless of party affiliation.

It has been revealed that many AKP members and pro-government journalists have received huge sums of money due to the efforts made by the foundations and associations with the support of the municipality. That is why there is always negative coverage about mamoğlu in the media close to the government.

In addition, the government noted that mamoğlu was a potential presidential candidate and that he was more likely to defeat incumbent President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the election. Investigations are underway in the Ministry of Internal Affairs in an attempt to prevent İmamoğlu from becoming a legal presidential candidate. Imamoglu has been accused of recruiting members of terrorist organizations in the municipality.

Erdogan’s former ally, Mafia leader Sedat Packer (L), Erdogan and IHH President Bulent Yildirim (R)

Among those who criticized İmamoğlu’s visit was Kurdish journalist Fehmi Isik. Işık wrote on Twitter: “I do not understand what he expects from IHH. According to court files, it was involved in the ‘Ankara station massacre’ [a terrorist attack outside Ankara’s central train station that killed 109 civilians in 2015]For this, AKP provided logistical support to ISIS, part of the Intelligence Service. [Islamic State in Iraq and Syria]. “

The Nordic Monitor finds that Imamoglu attended a ceremony in 2015 when he was mayor of Bailikunduzu district in Istanbul, sending a convoy of HH aid to Syria. HH alleges Turkish arms smuggled to Syria for Turkish intelligence. Cedot Packer, a former ally of Erdogan, has admitted that he was transporting weapons in support trucks to Turkish-backed jihadists fighting in Syria.

İHH is a front charity known as the tool of the Turkish intelligence agency MİT and is under investigation by Turkish police. It has been accused of smuggling weapons to al-Qaeda-affiliated jihadists in Syria, as well as transporting wounded ISIS and al-Qaeda fighters by ambulance from Syria to Turkey.

The Erdogan government has helped protect İHH from legal issues in Turkey while mobilizing resources and diplomatic prestige in support of İHH in global operations.

Formerly Nordic Monitor Released A Turkish police intelligence report describes how the jihadist Libyan Ben Ali group సహాయHH, with its vice president Hussein Oruk and its then-South and East Anatolian coordinator Selatin Ozer, carried out its illegal activities. According to the report, the Ben Ali group traveled between Turkey and Syria to provide transport support, purchase weapons and transport wounded fighters to al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist organizations in Syria.

Turkish police have also been investigating İHH’s links to al-Qaeda, but President Erdogan dropped the case in 2014. According to an investigation into al-Qaeda cells in Turkey, Ibrahim Sen (37), a detained al-Qaeda militant, was transferred to Pakistan and Guantanamo, where he was held until 2005. He was running a recruitment and trafficking drive between Turkey and Syria and using the terrorist networkH.

Due to his political cover from the government, Sen was protected from his legal problems. He was arrested in January 2014 and charged in October 2014, but was released on trial in October 2014. Turkish police officers were later fired and the investigation was hushed up.

Russia also flagged İHH as an organization that smuggles weapons to jihadi groups in Syria, according to intelligence documents submitted to the UN Security Council on February 10, 2016. Russian intelligence documents also provided truck license plate numbers. Weapons and supplies have been loaded on al-Qaeda-affiliated groups, including the HH Nusra Front.

The leaked emails of President Erdogan’s son – in – law and former finance and treasury minister Berat Albairak have also implicated HH in arming the Libyan community. The classified document, found in the leaked emails, tells the story of how a bankrupt shipping and container company owner demanded compensation from the Turkish government in 2011 for damaging his ship while shipping weapons between Libyan ports at the behest of Turkish authorities. అన్నిHH All details of arms shipments approved by the Turkish government to the rebels on the contracted ship.

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