‘It Looks Really Natural’: TikTokers Are Using This £18 Freckle Pen As A Semi-Permanent Lip Liner

TikTok has never been lacking in the beauty trends department, and their latest obsession with an £18 freckle pen that doubles up as a semi-permanent lip liner is one prime example. Yes, TikTok is often the source of outlandish pro-disapproved beauty advice that is best left unheeded – many an expert has warned of the perils of ‘slugging’ for example, and the disadvantages of icing your face every morning -, but every so often it issues a gem of a product recommendation that benefits the masses.

It was TikTok that proclaimed one of Charlotte Tilbury’s cult classic foundations ‘like a filter in a bottle’ – find out more here – and had many of us falling over ourselves to hop on board the lip oil trend. This time around they’re raving about an £18 freckle pen that works as a long-lasting liner too.

What freckle pen are TikTokers using as a semi-permanent lip liner?

Meet the Utan Pen, £18. Developed primarily as a way to apply faux freckles, the formula essentially blends the brand’s classic fake tan formula with a guide color and skin-friendly ingredients like manketti oil and vitamin E.

How do I use Utan’s freckle pen as a lip liner?

The brand advise applying a protective layer of lip balm first, to avoid direct contact with your lips, which could lead to less than subtle results. You’re after a natural-looking, blurred liner effect, and to achieve that you need to prep your lips with a balm, in the same way that you’d prep dry areas of skin – read: your knees, elbows, ankles – with a rich moisturiser before you fake tan to avoid patchiness. Most TikTokers seem to reach for a standard tin of Vaseline lip balm at this point. Next, carefully and lightly sweep the felt-tip like nib of the freckle pen across your natural lip line, over-lining slightly as you go. Pay particular attention to your cupids bow, over-lining to make the dip more shallow and your lips appear wider. Hailey Bieber demos the technique right here. Leave on for 4-8 hours to develop, before washing it off.

How long does Utan’s freckle pen last as a lip liner?

Wash off your balm and guide color after a few hours to reveal the subtle lip liner look. Providing you’ve given the formula enough time to develop, you can expect the look to last between 48 and 72 hours, much like your go-to fake tan.

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TikTokers are raving about this £18 freckle pen and they’re using it as a natural-looking lip liner. Because it’s made with a similar formula to fake tan, the liner look can last for up to 48 hours after it develops and the guide color has been washed off.

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Main image credit: TikTok @daniellemarcan, @bysavannahmakeup, @skimcareee

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