It turned out that Brett Favre is currently a world-class bag

Chicago Bears fans have always had good reason to hate Brett Favre. Most of them had been involved in breaking their hearts for almost two decades during their career in the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame. His dominance of the team in the 1990s and early 21st century was tantamount to torture. He wasn’t afraid to wipe their noses as well. That’s why no one cried when Corey Wootton on that frosty night in Minnesota in 2010 essentially ended his career.

By the time he finally left for sunset, Favre had earned more than $ 140 million in NFL contracts. Not to mention the other millions he received in testimonials for his general popularity as one of the most popular professional athletes on the North American continent. He created a beautiful public image of a funny old boy from Mississippi, who brought joy back to football.

Fans have been eating it for years and years. One would think that this popularity could live for the rest of one’s life and would never need money again. As is the case today, greed can be an ugly thing. Before he retired, there were warning signs that Favre was not the guy everyone liked him for. There was also a darker side.

He supported politics in Thad Cochran, who actively used the desk of Confederate President Jefferson Davis. He allegedly had sex with a reporter in 2008 when he was married. Now he seems to have taken things a step further. According to Anna Wolf of Mississippi Today, Favre is accused of directing taxpayers’ money to his own personal projects.

It doesn’t sound good.

“Favre said non-profit director Nancy New has given him a $ 5 million grant to build a volleyball stadium at the University of Southern Mississippi – a payment that could be part of an upcoming civil lawsuit. Favre-backed a pharmaceutical company called Prevacus also eventually received $ 2.15 million in allegedly stolen funds from the Mississippi Department of Human Services. The Quarterback personally collected an additional $ 1.1 million in social security

… with the investment of the pharmaceutical company, volleyball arena and other payouts, at least $ 8 million for incorrect auditors’ spending identified in a major Mississippi social scandal stemmed from Favre’s requests or fees. New, a non-profit Mississippi Community Education Center and primarily funded by MDHS, directly paid Favr more than $ 1 million to spoke for Families First for Mississippi. He has returned the funds since then, but the auditor says Favre he still owes $ 228,000 in interest for the money he received illegally …

F While Favre said he did not know the funds he received came from a program to help the poor, text messages obtained from the Mississippi Today show he knew he was dealing with government grants. Favre was not charged with the crime under the scheme and refused to interview Mississippi Today.

Think about it.

Favre used his fame to push his friends in Mississippi politics to help fill his pockets with more money and actively took them away from people who needed them much more than he did. Ebeneezer Scrooge would be reluctant to do this kind of greed. It serves as a reminder that it is not always wise to buy a public image of a person as real. Too often it is clear that behind closed doors they are completely different. Bill Cosby, Bobby Fischer, Joe Paterno and Lance Armstrong are a few examples.

This is the territory Brett Favre is drifting into these days. His prestigious football career cannot protect him if he continues to make monumentally bad decisions like this. As time goes on, he will remember him more as a man who stole money from the poor than as a man who threw the ball really well. If Bears fans had found it hard to hate the man before, there should be no problem with that now.

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