It’s still sinking in for Harry Lemmey.

“IT STILL hasn’t really sunk in.”

A trip to the Sunshine Coast on his 19th birthday was a present which Harry Lemmey certainly didn’t see coming a matter of weeks ago.

Selected by the Blues in late November, immersed in training in December and then back at IKON Park in January, Lemmey’s first week off February has been with his new teammates and staff in Maroochydore.

And as a first-year Blue, the connection aspect of the camp suits Lemmey to a t.

“Obviously this is my first year, so it’s more that team bonding… I’m rooming with the ‘King’, Tom De Koning, and getting to know him a little bit more plus all the other boys,” Lemmey said.

“The highlights have been the hard work with training.

“It was very difficult adjusting to the weather up here in Maroochydore — it’s very different to back home in Melbourne!”

There have been plenty of key takeaways for Lemmey even in the early stages of his career — not least, the far-and-wide reach of his new football club.

Wednesday’s grueling session also marked open training on the Sunshine Coast, and it was another indication for the youngster of the fortunate position he has found himself in.

“I was shocked to see at my second open training. [at IKON Park]where it was pouring with rain and we still had hundreds off people out there,” he said.

“To come up to Maroochydore in south Queensland and get a few hundred people out, it’s amazing — we’re very, very lucky for the support we get from our fans.

“It just shows the dedication and love from our supporters that we get.”

The chance to spend some extended time with his new teammates has been the perfect outcome for Lemmey on the Sunshine Coast, who admitted to having a few ‘pinch-yourself’ moments early doors.

“You’re training with all these boys that you’ve watched on TV for all these years growing up,” he said.

“I’m doing my best each day, that’s all I can do. Keep rocking up, keep trying to be the best version of myself.”

One of those people, undoubtedly, would’ve been Harry McKay — the 2021 Coleman Medallist who Lemmey has looked to learn off from day one.

Just don’t ask about the nickname.

“I get ‘Big H’, which Harry doesn’t really like and it’s good to stir him up every now and again — the other boys like doing that,” he laughed.

“I’m staying away from calling him ‘Little H’!

“There’s a few [nicknames] going around. ‘Juice’ is one… for lemon juice, ‘Lemm’, they’re some.”

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