Julio Rodriguez has a “training day” as the Mariners fall to the Cubs 8-5.

Cubs 8, Mariners 5 in Sloan Park

It looks obvious

Marco Gonzalez with a focus on pushing the number of pitches into the ’80s and working his fast ball with more confidence, especially on right-hand shots, Marco Gonzalez scored 4 2/3 innings and six runs in nine innings and seven innings. gave. . He had a few bad breaks as Julio Rodriguez lost a fly ball in the sun to help open a fourth round for the boys, which included a two-run homer by Seiya Suzuki.

“It was good,” Gonzalez said. “I felt a lot better about the reforms I wanted to make with my football this week. Just have more confidence in the area with it. I felt like I was a kind of drag and a kind of lost left and right.” Today, I really felt it on the side of the glove. I really felt confident. I threw some good things at (Jason) Hayward and just lived with it on top of the area. ”

Rodriguez had what manager Scott Service called a “training day.” After breaking a double to the center right in the first half of the game Drew Smiley, Rodriguez was unable to score in the only Ti France in the middle. As he ran towards the third base on the French ground ball, Rodriguez was approached by a third veteran, Jonathan Villar, who allegedly threw a shot at him and even acted as if he wanted to tag. Rodriguez, who did not see third-place coach Chris Negron pulling him home, had a pigeon-headed head instead of a third. When Jesse Winker came out on the foul, Mitch Haniger hit and Eugenio Suarez had a short run to the Mariners worth a run.

Rodriguez has also hit in his next three games, hasn’t seen a quick ball and has been chasing things out of speed, mostly from the strike zone.

Player of the game

Jarred Kelenich had a pair of singles – a ground ball up to the middle and a straight line to the right field that ran the goal – to show more signs that he finds his time.

“He had a really good day,” Service said.


“He’s learning, that’s part of it. We give these young people a chance and hope they can use it, run with it and learn from it. He smoked this double on the first pitch of the game and after that he removed a number of slow-paced and breaking pitches from him. He didn’t make much of a difference today, but he’ll be back tomorrow. “

On the tap

The Mariners return to Peoria Stadium for a Friday night game against the Cleveland Guards. Chris Flexen is scheduled to start right in Seattle, while Cleveland will go right-handed Aaron Sivale. The first game is scheduled for 6:40 p.m., with the game to be broadcast live on ROOT Sports Northwest and live on mariners.com and Seattle Sports 710-AM.

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