K-PAX, Wright and AF Corse won the GT World Challenge at Sonome

The clear weather led to a relatively clean first race for The Fanatec GT World Challenge America, which presented the AWS in Sonoma.

Jordan Pepper and Andrea Caldarelli scored Crowdstrike fastest lap in Pro with 1m 37,310s, while George Kurtz and Colin Braun finished fastest in Pro / Am with 1m 37,708, Jean-Claude Saada and Conrad Grunewald scored the fastest in Am with 1m38,657s .

“When we come to the second year together, we know exactly what we’re doing and the processes are the same,” Pepper said of his teamwork with Caldarelli. “We started much better than the others, but I’m sure (our competitors) will improve over the course of the season.”

“We always want to improve,” Caldarelli said of the team having the right car setup. “We tried a few things with the setup and frankly, they worked pretty well.”

In Pro, Jordan Pepper (No. 1 Lamborghini) maintained a comfortable lead throughout his stint, which turned into a comfortable stint for teammate Caldarelli, at one point up 43.90 s from P2. Caldarelli then introduced his Lamborghini no. 4 to the overall victory. Phillip Ellis (33rd Mercedes-AMG) followed the finish line, followed by Loris Spinelli (6th Mercedes-AMG).

In Pro-Am, the winners’ pair Charlie Luck (No. 45 Porsche) and Jan Heylen, followed by George Kurtz and Colin Braun (Mercedes No. 04) secured the championship on the podium. Chandler Hull and Bill Auberlen (BMW No. 94) in third place.

“I don’t know of any father-son combination that would ever win,” Luck said of his victory with Jan Heylen. “John proved himself; has been a winner for years and years. It’s unbelievable. “

“This pair of drivers is quite special,” Heylen said of her contact with Lutsk. “We had a hard race because we didn’t feel the speed of the car during training.” So great ride from Charlie. Today has been a bigger factor in securing our victory. “

Acura NSX no. 93, driven by Ashton Harrison and Mario Farnbacher, was penalized for passing because the team put on the tires too late in front of the exit lap, which resulted in Harrison being a lap lower than handing the car over to Farnbacher.

In Am, after a spirited duel with Charlie Scardina and Onforio Triarsi (23rd Ferrari), Conrad Grunewald (61st Ferrari) won the victory for AF Corsus alongside Jean-Claude Saad.


The 2nd race starts on Sunday at 13:45 PT.

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