Kids play and learn at Early Stars

3-6 year olds can get their first taste at the real stage First Star Theater play time. Meeting every Saturday from April 23 to May 21, registration is now accepted for this one-of-a-kind experience.

Presented by the Lakewood Theater Institute (LIT) at the Lakewood Playhouse, the first stars were very popular during the summer, but this spring offering is the first time where students can take one day or all five days. To participate. It is a drop-in format that does not require long-term signing, it makes it easy for parents who want their children to participate but also addresses the day-to-day realities of life that come with parenting.

“The first star will definitely take it out of the park-type situation,” said Deborah Armstrong, LIT’s director of education. The main focus is on imagination and creativity. We make the titles and they make the story and the characters.

Every Saturday presents a different topic that it will be Encourages laughter and creativity. It starts on April 23rd Princesses, heroes and mystical creatures “ Where students will create their own characters and be sure to enjoy seeing what they come up with. The second week is an exciting day for thisForest creatures “ To tell their stories and walk around the imaginary forest. The third week will take the students to the seaPirates, mermaids, and sea monstersAs they enjoy cruising the high seas. The fourth week brings the library full of books to the stage. Students will choose their best book character and stop by in a personal storyStorybook Favorite Characters“The last week is for magic and mysteryFairy and imaginary friends “ Celebrate all the fun in the fantasy genre with short story writers.

Remember, though, that just because adults set the agenda doesn’t mean that everything will go according to plan. In the past, the children worked on the theme of “Three Superheroes and Items” (like “Three Belly Goat’s Graph” but different), as Armstrong explained.

Armstrong laughed, “We had a kid who didn’t want to be a superhero or even a mystic creature – she wanted to be a lama,” Armstrong laughed, “and that was right. It’s nice to say, ‘Whatever your The boat is passing, children. ‘ We go with their creativity and it’s a fun thing to do, develop their creativity and set no limits.

Children are welcome to come to the theater dressed for this day’s theme, and the theater’s clothing department has options for those who may need a little help.

The first Star Theater play time will be taught by Lanita Walters. Walters studied at Berkeley Music College and then he returned home to start a family. In 2000, she began working as a teacher for the Enrichment Glee Club at the Grant Center for Grant Elementary School for the English Arts, naming her Superstar 101. As the program progressed, she became an enrichment coordinator as well as continuing glee clubs, hip hop and continuing education. Creative dance class. Walters is constantly present in the Paget Sound stages and Anderson is happy that he is teaching the early stars.

“She’s one of the best pre-school theater teachers I’ve ever met,” Anderson said. He’s an interesting combination of creativity, speaking at their level and their language, and going with the flow. She’s just fascinated with them.

In addition to the theatrical aspects of the stage, young students also discover some basics about theater: the left and right of the stage, how to face the audience and present your voice (everyone usually gets a line, say it), and how Be in Group layout. Parents are encouraged to leave during class so as not to disturb them unless they are sitting at the back of the house.

Scholarships and discounts are available for First Star Theater play time and it is important to note that all students must be well trained. Classes run from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. Get all the details about LIT classes, including spring break camps and one-day seminars for older teens, and register at

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