Labette Community College makes changes to the class schedule

PARSONS, Kans. – A college in southeastern Kansas is making some class schedule changes based on student feedback.

Labette Community College in Parsons has been offering courses in a fairly typical way for years. But times are changing, and with them the demands of students. So Labette created a special team that sent out a student survey, and there was one thing that stood out. Bethany Kendrick of Labette Community College says, “The students were talking and we were listening and they said,“ Guess what? If we had a week of scheduled four-day courses, we would absolutely like it. “

One of these students was freshman Taylor Hudgins. He says that a shorter school week has many benefits. “Because I can say to my boss, ‘Hey, I can definitely work this Friday so you can have your three-day weekend,’ and it also gives me a chance to leave on Thursday night to come home and give me more. time with my family. “

Hudgins says a three-day weekend is more than just extra free time. “Every day I was exhausted from teaching and drowning in homework and trying to push them on Saturday, even Sunday night, because these are days when I don’t have to work.”

Kendrick says another benefit is that it opens the day for students to meet with counselors, tutors and teachers and have more time for the help they need to succeed in college. There’s another change Kendrick says they’re making. “We change our start times, our sidereal times tend to change, they’ve kind of finished, maybe they start at five or ten then, now we start teaching at the beginning and in the middle of each lesson. “

Hudgins says it’s another big change he’s looking forward to. “I’m sure I know that last semester I had trouble getting to class at 7:55, this year at 8:35, I always had to check my phone and tell me what time it was? to remember, hey, I have an hour at 10:00. “

Kendrick says the summer semester is already four days a week, and as of fall this year, full schedule changes will be implemented.

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