Lacrosse goals in hockey Svechnikov, Zegras show creativity

Anaheim Ducks center Trevor Zegras (46) during the first round of the NHL Hockey Game against the Arizona Quets on Friday, April 1, 2022, in Glendale, Ariz.  (AP Photo / Rick Scooter)

Anaheim Ducks center Trevor Zegras (46) during the first round of the NHL Hockey Game against the Arizona Quets on Friday, April 1, 2022, in Glendale, Ariz. (AP Photo / Rick Scooter)


Trevor Ziegras is a hot, young kid on Anaheim Batco’s NHL.

He’s 21 years old, he’s fast, he’s creative. He also has a lot of fun and likes a lot of fans in the process, which gets on the nerves of some tough NHL opponents.

Remember when Hurricane Andrei Switchenkov of Carolina created a movement with two lacrosse-type targets – many of them known as “Michigan” – a few years ago? Zygres, in his first full season in the NHL, now has two of those.

Not everyone likes his show. Most recently, the Zeigras made a hard cross check on the back of Arizona Quets’ Jay Beagle. When Battus Troy came to Terry’s defense of the Zigras, Beagle knocked him to his knees, leaving Terry in the blood and Zigras became upset and made some harsh remarks about Beagle after the game.

Zegras and Svechnikov, who are just 22 years old, could be on the ice together on Sunday when Keynes and the birds face off at PNC Arena. Nothing is said here about their skill, ingenuity and unpredictability, let alone the two leaders.

Carolina Hurricanes forward Andrew Switchenkov became the first player in NHL history to score in a Lacrosse game, doing it twice this season, and Keynes advanced with the T-shirts. Left Alexander

Keynes forward Jordan Stall and Derek Stephen are two “old school” type boys. No veteran has a problem with what brings Zygras or Swichenkov into a league that can last very long at times.

“If you can score a goal like that, give you a lot of power,” Stahl said of the lacrosse shots.

Stall laughed and added: “I just fight to find the back of the net and these guys hit it on their sticks and look behind the net. I think it’s really good.

“If I see someone trying to do that, will I remove it? Yeah, I’ll try. It’s not an easy move for the goalkeeper to stand up and these guys make it easy. Is good

Blizzard Hockey (3) .JPG
Carolina Hurricanes Andrei Svetnikov (37) broke his skates on Thursday, March 10, 2022 in the first round of the NHL Hockey Game at Raleigh, NC by Colorado Snow McCoy Rantinen (96). (AP Photo / Carl BD Blacker) Carl BD Blacker AP

Stall said he could only wonder what the future holds.

“I have no idea what these guys are doing,” he said. “Puck’s skills, how hard they work on it and how difficult it is, I don’t think most people know how hard it is.”

Zeigras made a new turn in his second Lacrosse goal. With team-mate Sonny Milano near the post, Zegras flipped the pack around Milan and passed to Quets goalkeeper Carl Wijmilka. Dissatisfied with Arizona coach Andrew Torrigini after the goal. There was no “wow” in his eyes.

Earlier in the season at Buffalo, Zegras picked up his blade behind the Sabers net and lifted the ball to the front of the crease. Milano were in a position to hit the puck for a goal as Sabers defender Rasmus Dahlin was standing there.

“It’s a special skill and let’s be honest, all kids can do it,” Stephen said. “Even really kids. They can all. They can all take it in their lap.”

“It’s something that has grown in our game.”

Zegras, ranked ninth overall by Anaheim in the 2019 NHL Draft, has 18 goals and 33 assists this season. Bedford, New York, played college hockey for a year at Boston University before switching to Pro, and helped the U.S. team win a gold medal at the 2021 World Junior Championships while being named MVP of the tournament. .

Anaheim Ducks Trevor Zegras takes part in the NHL All-Star Weekend, a skill-breaking challenge event on Friday, February 4, 2022 in Las Vegas. (AP Photo / Rick Scooter) Rick Scooter AP

Invited to the 2022 NHL Skills Tournament during All-Star Week, Zegras was a winner with his hidden goal. Wearing nuts on average Dodgeball Clothed, he swayed and swayed and slammed into the cannons. People in Las Vegas loved it.

It was a trick. His games in the NHL have resulted in goals. Svechnikov did the same.

“Their job is to do what they can,” said Keynes coach Rod Brand Amor. “I don’t see it as a show. When the shot came a hundred years ago some people might have said what is it? Well, man can do it. Man can put it in the net and it’s effective, and Now this is an effective way to score.

“It doesn’t show the other team. You’re trying to win the game of hockey.”

Carolina Hurricanes vs. Anaheim Idols

كله: Sunday 7 p.m.

Where: PNC Arena, Rally.

TV / Radio: Bali Sports South, WCMC-99.9 FM.

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