LASD Active Shooter Training at Pierce College

Sheriff’s Department’s Community College Bureau coordinates active shooter exercises at Pierce College

The basic duty of all sworn officers is to protect life and property. As part of our commitment to the safety and well-being of students and staff, it is essential to provide continuous training to ensure that deputies, security personnel, and responding external agencies are skilled in handling strategic incidents, with the primary goal of safety and well-being.

On Thursday, April 7, 2022, officers from the Community College Bureau, the Special Enforcement Bureau, the Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station, the Emergency Operations Bureau, the County Services K9 Team, the Mental Evaluation Team, the Air Bureau and the Los Angeles City Fire Department. Vinnetka is an active shooter drill at Pierce College, California. There is an opportunity to train together and practice their skills and strategies. Respondents were trained to plan and deal with situations involving “active shooters” and / or gang violence in multiple victim areas.

The Community College Bureau provides contract law enforcement services to nine community colleges across campuses across Los Angeles County. . They incorporated simulated shots with guns and improvised explosive devices to create a real-life experience. Role players acted as patients in situations; Law enforcers worked together to locate protesters, secure campus, locate victims and assist those in need of medical care; Fire rescue workers also assisted in coordinating patient care.

Capt. John Gannon, who oversees the Community College Bureau, said at the training event, “The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department prioritizes the safety of students and staff on all Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) campuses.” “Emergency preparedness and campus security require continuous training to equip our officers for emergencies. The ability of a department the size of ours to provide specialized resources and rapid deployment teams further supports the College Bureau’s commitment to safeguarding students and faculty.

Today’s event was a meaningful, insightful and effective training exercise for first responders, teachers and students alike. An additional benefit is the psychological review and rehearsal of events conducted by students and faculty who are not usually trained as such as civilians. They will share their new understanding and preparation with others, guide them into the situation of an active shooter and help calm them down. First responders from three different agencies learned to work together more fluidly to uphold the same priorities in stressful situations: to make everyone safer.

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