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It’s hard to believe, but today is the last day of March, which also means it’s the last day of women’s history. In today’s edition of Up To Speed, host Diana Alvear noted so many ways that our V Teamers celebrated women and also another WHM event that you won’t miss!

On International Women’s Day, our women’s CoLab event featured two members of the communication team, Diana Alvear and Raquel Wilson, whose classes allowed participants to find and collaborate with mentors; tracking difficult decisions in the family; and be inspired by the professional ways of women leaders in a number of areas.

We then held a Break The Bias VCG panel with Christa Born, Michelle Miller, Phil Leaninger, Monica Hammond and Ryan Tucker to discuss all ways to combat uprooted stereotypes while continuing to advocate and reveal gender equality.

We also had many volunteer opportunities, including an initiative that allowed V Teamers to upload individual videos about what women’s history month means to them.

And some members of Verizon WAVE (Verizon Womxn Employees Association) shared their thoughts on Women’s History Month and how they #BreakTheBias.

But wait, V Teamers, there’s something more! Today there is another WHM event: Wendy Tachetta, the head of our Verizon channel, will talk about leadership (among other topics) with journalist Martin Dennis, a British editor who has appeared in Al Jazeera English and BBC World News. Want to check it out? The ET event begins today at BlueJeans and you can click here to watch it at that time. You don’t want to lose it.

Although the month of women’s history is coming to an end, our conversations and, most importantly, our actions are not over. At Verizon, we are dedicated to promoting equality and greater coverage within our walls and beyond. We break the prejudice and move the world forward for everyone.

Most High Speed: Happy Women’s History Month!

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