Learning Commons offers a solution to fill out exams

Sometimes no matter how much we prepare and learn at the beginning of the semester, until the midterm exams come and go, there is a .01% solution to getting your grade where you need it. An evening study session is not recommended by experts, but it does stop many students. To meet this need this final season, Learning Commons offers a variety of options for students who study late into the night.

Commons Study Coordinator April Falls explains that; Due to staff shortages, Commons Learning is still closed at its usual time at 19:00 on Friday before the final exams, but registered students can attend and attend the Academic Extravaganza.

Students who sign up Friday night and arrive by 6:59 p.m., wear shock absorbers before going to a coffee buffet, energy drinks, and sugar snacks.

“Golbog connects with the student’s computer login and determines if students are navigating through Facebook, Reddit, or other non-productive sites and managing a small item as a reminder to return to the task.” Fuls continued. “It also monitors students’ emotional levels and manages a similar shock if it reads that the student is experiencing a crying session after realizing that their word document has not been saved.”

Capsule hotel rooms will be available at 3 for students who cannot burn midnight oilрд the floor of the “Quiet Zone.” Each of them is large enough to have a student and a backpack, and is so dark for up to 45 minutes before playing the ska music that no one sleeps for long.

To access the lock, visit the Learning Commons information desk from April 1stArt.

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