Legacy of Innovation: Celebrating Creativity, Looking to the Future at the Edison Awards

The organizers of the Edison Awards believe that Fort Myers has reached the right place with its new home. They want to build Palms City’s Innovative Copperstone.

On April 20, the Edison Awards – for the second year in a row – will begin with a private party at the house named after the awardee, longtime Fort Myers winter resident and inventor Thomas Edison. On the evening of April 21, the awards ceremony will be held at the Kalusa Voice Convention Center. Leading the way to the awards this afternoon, “Meeting with the Innovators Forum and the Innovators Show” will feature Miley O’Brien, former and now independent CNN journalist, as editor.

Carmichael Roberts, co-founder of Materials Effects, a fund that supports resilient technology companies, and Bracken Daryl, logistics CEO of the design company and will be the recipient of this year’s Edison Achievement Award. They will talk and answer questions.

On the last day, April 22, the group will visit Babcock Ranch, a community off State Road 31 run by Solar Farm. A group of Southwest Florida students will be invited to an experimental learning day for the community to open a new amphitheater along the river in Fort Myers. And a group of former and current professional athletes will participate in a panel on becoming entrepreneurs after their playing days.

Edison Awards can be used as a marketing tool for companies to win and pay for them accordingly. Last year, Impossible Sausage won the Consumer Award for its plant-based food. These are the types of nominations that CEO Frank Bonafilia has seen in recent years – and this year in particular.

“We’re seeing a ton of nominations related to sustainability,” says Bonaphilia. “Sustainability as it relates to home. Buildings and houses and schools and even agriculture. There are completely independent vehicles and artificial intelligence. You will have the opportunity to meet these people who are changing the world.

The city of Fort Myers paid ډ 50,000 a year to the Edison Prize for the first three years, while the Horizon Council and the Lee County Foundation demanded an additional 50,000 50,000 from sponsors.

The inventions, including the electric jet pack designed by inventor Richard Browning, are set to be unveiled and showcased. “It’s all about the future,” says Bonaphilia. “The future of innovation. But it’s not just about innovation. It’s about, ‘How do we inspire communities in Fort Myers? How do we inspire them?’

“Everything is really possible,” he says. “This is where jet packs come in, autonomous vehicles. People take on these challenges because no one else will. We have some big challenges – water, food security. We try to solve it through innovation.” And by building bridges to Edison and his legacy.

Tickets for Southwest Florida attendees are 675. Tickets for the VIP Pass to all events are $ 1,100. Email Jean Bradley to jean@edisonawards.com to buy tickets. For more information, visit edisonawards.com.

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