Letter: Parents should send their children to school, education Letters

Parents should prepare their children for school and education

Many people want schools to work harder to educate their children.

Schools are now tasked with guiding, instructing and commanding to provide students with a certain level of care that they have never had in the past. They are not designed for it.

In schools across the country, children go to school in full readiness, or at least go to school. Many of them go to school and not only lack general politeness and manners, but also ignore others, including themselves. They are admitted to school by families who have not been taught common human etiquette.

They enter school with a disregard for others and themselves. Some are violent. It seems that they always find themselves in certain situations of life or death, even if it is as simple as learning.

In the case of schools, they now have to deal with children with severe mental health problems or are in a terrible situation. Children act, but they cannot be raised like others.

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Chaos has spread across the country. Families have to deal with this problem. Often caregivers believe that they too will take part in a fantastic war until death, while everything is needed to teach their children to read and write.

What to do? The family has to deal with this. Children are provided with full communication equipment, but do not have the skills to attend school.

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