Lititz School to build from it the first permanent school principal in a history of 275 years Local news

For the first time in her 275-year history, Linden Hall, a girls’ boarding school in Blitz, will have a wife as head of a permanent school.

Linden Hall’s Board of Trustees appointed Nan Wooders to the post on Monday. In July 2020 she was crowned head of a temporary school, replacing Michael Wilt, who retired. Wodarz was not immediately available for comment.

“This is an incredibly proud moment for the school to see that we finally have the oldest girls’ school in the country and that we finally have a female school principal,” said board chairman and locating committee Heather Wilson.

The board selected Wooders as interim principal from a pool of three candidates, and without interviewing regular candidates, asked Wooders to serve as permanent school principal.

“We knew right away that she was just absolutely phenomenal, smart, witty, thoughtful, very focused on parents and alumni and students and learning,” Wilson said. “When Dr. Nan spoke to us, you felt you were talking to someone who had the passion and commitment equal to Linden Hall made by the locating committee.”

Wilson said the board did not intentionally hire a woman as headmaster, but found that all of his strongest candidates were women. And yes, Wilson said, in her interview with management, Wooders asked why the school never appointed a woman as head of household.

“Traditionally, they were looking for a male figure to head the school so I’m excited we were able to smash that ceiling and allow a woman to lead our school,” Wilson said, adding that Wooders would be a role model for girls’ student body only. “It gives them a positive example to say there’s nothing you can not do.”

In addition to her nearly two years as principal of Linden Hall Temporary School, Wooders has 30 years of experience in public and private school. Before coming to Linden Hall, she served as principal of a temporary school at St. Bunny’s School in New Hampshire.

During the latter part of her career, Wilson said Wooders focused on commuting from school to school in the middle of her job and that she did not originally intend to stay at Linden Hall. Now, she plans to continue living and working Blitz.

Wooders completed her postdoctoral work at Wharton School, Harvard Business School and Harvard School of Education.

“For the past two years the Linden Hall Alumni Association has deeply valued Dr. Wooders’ authentic leadership,” Alumni Council Chairman Courtney Frankhauser Myers said in a statement. “She has a unique ability to build a community and inspires us all to invest in the future education of girls.”

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