Long business class for less than $ 1,300 this summer!

Our friends from Mighty Travels have marked three new exceptionally available business class tours for our European and American readers. Today, connections from Europe to Southeast Asia, as well as from North America to South America, are on the table.

To Phuket from Stockholm in store next month – $ 1,291

The first offer includes a connection from Stockholm to the popular Thai resort of Phuket, departing on 23 May for a pleasant 10-day break on the tropical beaches. Although Phuket itself is beautiful, it is also a stepping stone to a number of exotic and luxurious destinations, including Koh Phi Phi Island and the Similan Islands Snorkeling Paradise.



Is the beauty of Thailand with you this year? Photo: Unsplash

Leaving ARN Airport on the afternoon of the 23rd day, catching yourself at this bargain price in the basement means making some connections along the way. Austrian Airlines is taking its first two-hour trip to Vienna, where a five-hour stopover will connect a passenger with a 10-hour Austrian 777 flight to Bangkok. The latest step is another broadband airline, Thai Airways, whose 777 will take passengers to their final destination, Phuket.

The 777 from Austrian Airlines has a decent business class product. While it’s not quite a level of Super Diamond privacy, the layout makes it a good choice for those traveling alone or in pairs. Single passengers can focus on the “throne seats” in positions A and K in rows 1, 3, 4 and 7. Couples can choose a seat by the window or for direct access to the aisle, middle seats are a great choice if you are not. worried about looking.

Austrian business class

The business class in Austria is comfortable and modern, although some lack direct access to the alley. Photo: Austrian Airlines

All seats are completely flat, which means the potential for a great night’s sleep during a night flight. The returns will follow a similar pattern, but with much shorter stopovers and without line 777 on the national route to Thailand – the service on June 2 from HKT is operated by Thai Smile’s A320.

Screenshot 2022-04-10 at 12.40.04

Summer holidays from San Diego to Peru – $ 1,263

If you want to get away during the peak summer season, Mighty Travels has chosen a fantastic business class holiday that departs from San Diego on August 17th. They leave SAN at 8:00 a.m. and passengers will be in the national first class on a Boeing 737 United and then transfer to the international Boeing 767 in Houston.

The 767 models offer comfortable Polaris-class seats. Photo: United Airlines

The stopover in Houston is only three hours or so, just enough time for you to view the duty free and catch up on some apron before boarding the widebody for a six and a half hour flight down to Jorge Chavez in Lima. The United 767 are mostly equipped with a wonderful Polaris business class product, so you can expect a very comfortable ride down to Lima.


Beautiful Lima has many attractions. Photo: Unsplash

As the capital, Lima is full of cultural and historical monuments, including the incredible Museo Larco, which documents more than 4,000 years of pre-Columbian history. Miraflores will make sure you enjoy the sun and the sea, while for a smarter action, the Nazca Desert Air Tour will reveal gigantic patterns carved into the surface of the desert.

The return flight departs on August 31, giving passengers a full two weeks to explore Lima and its surroundings. All for less than $ 1,300 – it’s a theft at that price!

Screenshot 2022-04-10 at 16.51.43

Canada to Chile in store for less than $ 1,700

Departure on the same day is a great deal for Canadians who also want to explore the wonders of Chile. Mighty Travels alerted us to business class flights from Vancouver to Santiago for only $ 1,669 per person; That’s a full 15 hours plus premium cabin flying!

Departing on August 17, you can fly the first part of the trip with either United Airlines or Air Canada, depending on where your loyalty lies. Both airlines, as members of the Star Alliance, will of course allow for earning and burning for these flights. The departing flight is at either 7:00 or 8:30 and is bound for either San Francisco on the A320 United or Denver on the CRJ 900 Air Canada.

Screenshot 2022-04-10 of 17.02.04

From there, passengers will travel on their second flight to the George Bush Intercontinental (IAH) in Houston, where they will join UA 847, Boeing 767 to Santiago. Landing times vary depending on the route chosen, so it will be up to the traveler to decide what suits him. But all the conspiracy theories around DEN, five hours of exploring this particular terminal, will sound very appealing!


Santiago is a wonderful destination and a great center from which you can explore the rest of Chile. Photo: Unsplash

All flights are connected with the same UA service from IAH to SCL and all cost $ 1,669. This is a good price for Polaris convenience for nine hours and two weeks in the capital of Chile.


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