Lorain County JVS students build beds for Good Knights of Lorain County – Morning Journal

Good Knights of Lorain County and students at Lorain County JVS in Oberlin teamed together to build bed frames for local youngsters in need, according to a news release.

Good Knights is a nonprofit based in Amherst that provides complete, comfortable and safe beds to children in Lorain County.

Tom Turnvow, raw materials manager with Good Knights, was excited to partner with Lorain County JVS and have students participate in building bed frames.

Matthew Mohrman, left, of Wellington and Brayden Fridenstine of Oberlin hold a finished headboard in their Lorain County JVS lab. (Submitted)

“I hope that the students not only learn more about the carpentry skills needed to make these beds but also understand that these beds are going to kids who have never had a bed before,” Turnvow said in the release.

Good Knights’ motto is “every child deserves a good night.”

One Lorain County JVS ninth-grade class made 23 bed frames during a two-month period for Good Knights, and the students were excited about the project and proud of the work they did, according to the release.

Lorain County JVS ninth graders stand with finished headboards with members of the Good Knights team.  (Submitted)
Lorain County JVS ninth graders stand with finished headboards with members of the Good Knights team. (Submitted)

Matthew Mohrman, a JVS ninth-grader from Wellington, said he felt prepared to take on this large-scale job.

“…our instructor, taught us all how to use the tools we worked with to make the beds, so I felt comfortable doing the work,” Matthew said in the release. “When the job started, those of us working on it, got together and we decided who was going to do what and that worked out really well.”

“I didn’t know what to expect with this project, but it ended up going smoothly,” Kaden Olm, a JVS ninth-grader from Brookside, said in the release. “Making beds for kids that have never had one before feels great.”

According to Turnvow, Good Knights delivered over 750 beds for local Lorain County children during 2022.

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