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Fans around the world may have been left speechless by Luka Modric’s amazing performance against Chelsea in the UEFA Champions League last week. But when he created ‘That’ Assist outside of his boot, I was not surprised.
All of us who have known Luke for many years have seen him do so many times in training. Of course, this is a different level; It’s the Champions League, the final stages of the competition, his team under pressure and the decisive goal, all of which make this pass so important.
I first saw Luke when he was 17 years old. He borrowed from Dynamo Zagreb to Zrinjsky Moster and had an exceptional season (2003-04). The Bosnian league was very physical, flying a lot of tackles, but he managed to escape them all and played excellent football. It was just amazing. There are signs that he is going to be a great star in football.
Now 36, there are no signs that he will slow down as he has won all the biggest prizes, including the Ballon d’Or. Winning the Best Player award is a big deal when Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo win the top prize (since 2008) in batches. It feels almost weird that he’s there, but no one can complain
Ballon d’Or won with Luca qualifying. He led Croatia to the World Cup final, won the Champions League with Real Madrid and scored some important goals. And, yes, there are many aids as well. We were all proud when he received the award.
If you want to know what Luke does differently than everyone else, you have to look at the way he plays. His style is different. His skill, intelligence and focus is on another level. You can not see Luke losing the ball or passing it incorrectly. You can tell about Xavi and Iniesta in their prime with Barcelona. Luke has been doing this consistently for the last 12-13 years, which is amazing.
We have been wonderfully together during our time with the Croatian national team, however it was a tough time for Luca. He was sidelined until the last day of the international transfer window with Tottenham Hotspur in 2012. Losing Luca’s fitness and physical condition for the first six months was not so easy for me as a national team coach. He arrived in Madrid on the last day of the transfer window and I had to talk to Jose Mourinho once a week to make sure we had all set up training intensities and that Luca was not in danger.
He devoted his time to easing the challenge at Real Madrid and did not settle down until he scored against Manchester United in the Champions League round 16 second leg clash.
In the Greats of Croatia, Luca topped. No argument. There are greats like (Daver) Zucker, (Zvonimir) Boban, (Robert) Prosineki, (Allen) Boxic, but Luke is number one. The rest of the week they are competing for second place.
(As told by Marcus Mergulhavo)

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