Luther College offers haircuts for students of color who struggle to find a barber locally

Decora, IOWA (KTTC) – Luther College in Decora, Iowa, ensures that students of color who are struggling to find a barber locally can get the right haircut.

Students have had this unique opportunity for over a year, thanks to a traveling barber.

We all know how good it is when you come out of the hair salon with a fresh cut, but for some people in our area, it can be more difficult to find a stylist or barber who is experienced in different types of hair.

This is a challenge that some black students at Luther College have faced in the past.

A second-year student at Luther College gets a haircut(KTTC)

“There aren’t many different haircut spots available in town,” said Luther College sophomore Dillon Gully.

Decora is a small community and some students have to drive an hour and a half to Rochester to find a barber who is experienced in cutting black hair.

“Haircuts are always fun when you are competing. Watch well, play well. ”

“I love to smile and see what I’re doing,” said Gill Jordan, a barber and owner of Uncle Gill’s Cuts. “You know, I had a lot of experience and I want to give back as much as I can.”

Luther College has worked closely with Jordan, based in Rochester and Vinona, to recognize the need for proper haircuts for students of color.

“It’s nice, you can talk to Uncle Gill,” Gully said. “When they send us appointments, we all try to get there as soon as possible. We all text each other and let each other know the days when he will come.

Jordan drives to Decora every Monday to give these students free expert haircuts and community awareness.

“I think it’s necessary,” Jordan said. “I think you know where in communities, people can get together, connect and do things like that. It builds communities and builds people.

Gil Jordan cuts Luther College students' hair
Gil Jordan cuts Luther College students’ hair(KTTC)

Jordan says he gives his chair to students outside the school to talk about family issues, school, and everything in between.

“So, that’s my thing; To give back, ”Jordan said. “I have never had a better life growing up and things like that, so I know how it’s necessary, especially to have a masculine form to talk about.”

Jordan hopes Luther will continue to provide haircuts for students in the years to come.

He travels to UW-Stout to provide haircuts for students and hopes to expand his work to other schools in the future.

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