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Marietta – Merita College will be the Chairman of the Board of Trustees Speaker of the Spring Early May, the school said.

Matt Weekly graduated from Mariatta College in 1981.

“I’m proud to be a graduate of Mariatta College and join my parents and sister as members of the Long Blue Line,” He is in his second year as chairman of the Board of Trustees, Weekly said. “I realized that the Long Blue Line is a living and breathing organization that constantly shows positive power from there to support and nurture its membership and college.”

The 185th graduation ceremony of Merita College will be held on May 7 at 1 pm at the Dyson Boudo Recreation Center.

College President Bill Rudd said the weekly had agreed to address the Spring graduates.

“I speak regularly with Matt, and I know his message to our graduates will be influential and touching.” Rudd said.

Before retiring in 2020, Weekly had a successful career with Plan Moran, Rudd said.

“As a member of our Board of Trustees and as Chair for the past two years, he has provided invaluable advice and insight.” Rudd said.

Weekly has been a board member since 2015. He graduated with a degree in Accounting and became a Certified Public Accountant. After spending his early days in public accounting serving healthcare clients, he became CFO of a healthcare system at the age of 29, weekly.

For more than 11 years in this role, he joined Planet Moran’s Accounting and Consulting firm, where he was promoted to partner, and was soon appointed leader of the firm’s national health care training. His responsibilities include revenue growth, client satisfaction, service on firm leadership committees, and support for 25 partners and 200 employees at more than a dozen Plant Moren offices across Ohio, Colorado. The plant moran is on the perennial list “Luck” List of magazines “Best Companies to Work For” In the U.S..

Plan’s Moran Weekly was selected to participate in the Harvard Business School’s program “Leading Professional Service Companies” In 2006. Throughout his career, he has often called Weekly to talk to clients, boards and co-professionals about topics such as change management, strategy development, and succession planning. He was regarded as an expert advisor and developer to the people, and many of his staff became partners in the company or successful leaders in other career endeavors.

“It is an honor to have asked President Rudd to speak at the outset.” Weekly said. ‚ÄúThis is an exciting day for graduates to start their careers or to pursue graduate school, law school, medical school or whatever they do next. Every member of the Long Blue Line is proud of them and we are rooting for them as the next chapter of their lives begins.

For more information on the start of 2022 or to see the ceremony live on May 7, visit

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