Mayor Todd Gloria Announces Art, Culture and Creativity Month Investment Guide

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – In conjunction with “Art, Culture and Creativity Month,” San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria on Friday announced the city’s first planning process to guide art and culture investment in every community.

Speaking at the Bird and Salt Henry Gallery in the Barrow Logan neighborhood, Gloria said the effort would “improve the neighborhood, boost our economy and improve the quality of life in San Diego.”

“Part of what makes San Diego a great city is our vibrant art scene and rich cultural heritage, which is linked not only to our history but also to the diverse communities that make our city home,” the mayor said. Named the “Creative City”, the cultural planning process will begin this June and is expected to be completed by 2024.

The city’s goal is a seven- to 10-year policy and planning framework that aligns its cultural investments with the priorities of the San Diego community.

According to the city, “the core value of innovation is equality, with guiding principles of racial, cultural, economic and geographical inclusion throughout the process.”

The “creative city” framework may focus on areas such as artist / creative workforce development and retention, neighborhood creative hubs, art marketing, cultural tourism, and mass impact strategies for local arts humanitarianism.

The city’s updated information on the policy framework will include the recently approved Comprehensive Parks Master Plan and Climate Action Update Plan. According to Gloria’s office, the framework may include ways to use the arts to address social challenges, including climate and environment, prevention of mass incidents, housing crisis, mobility and youth development. This planning process will have “strong public engagement, to provide direct information to residents.

Gloria made the announcement on Friday along with California executive director for the arts Julie Baker. Vicky Estrada, a member of the California Arts Council; City Council Members; And representatives of the San Diego Art Society.

“The city has a world-class arts program that reflects and celebrates local culture,” said council member Joe Lakawa, who represents District 1.

Jennifer Campbell, wife of District 2 Councilor, said the city should continue to support programs and initiatives that greatly improve the quality of life and economic well-being of our city. I’m looking forward to working with the Mayor’s Office for the Arts and California as we launch a new cultural planning initiative here in San Diego.

Raul Campelo, a member of the 7th District Council, said San Diego’s creative economy was “critical to the success of our region.”

“As Chairman of our City Council’s Committee on Economic Development and International Relations, I am proud to promote the Arts and Culture Championship and San Diego as a global destination for tourists, residents and workers alike. “

Stephen Whitburn, a member of District 3 Council, said the “creative city” would connect with the San Diego Arts and Culture Society and ensure that it is a priority.

Without the arts and their associated culture, “the places we create have no spirit and no reason to exist,” Strada said.

Strada added: “Art and culture allow us to share our values, ask questions and remind each other of who we really are, thus providing a menu for the places we create. . “

Julie Baker said San Diego is one of the state’s leading arts and culture cities and home to one of California’s 14 pilot cultural districts. She added: “We are thrilled to be here at ACCM 2022 and thank the mayor, city council members, San Diego artists, culturalists and art advocates for their support of the arts, culture and creativity. It works to increase investment. “

San Ben-Hesso, a Democrat from the state representing the 40th District, said the COVID-19 epidemic has “disproportionately negatively impacted artists, both new and emerging, making our city truly one of the cultural assets.” The nation has done a great job. ” He added that the city’s initiative is important in the continued support of artists, “providing equality and inclusion for all San Diego except.”

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