Medina Economic Development Director Marshall takes on state leadership roles

MEDINA, Ohio — Medina Economic Development Director Kimberly Marshall has taken on two state leadership roles in addition to her work with the city.

The first is with the Ohio Public Works Commission. She has been working with them since 2018 and will be stepping into the role of chairperson.

This 12-member board provides oversight to the director of the commission on the development of the board’s polices. Marshall’s position is an advisory role, where she will look at policies, amendments to policies and more.

“Just basically sharing my knowledge and expertise on different things that maybe I’ve worked on or things that I’ve been involved with in the past that I can help move the agency forward or help provide some guidance,” Marshall said of what she is looking forward to with this position.

Her other leadership position is as the area director for Northeast Ohio for the Ohio Economic Development Association (OEDA). This organization is comprised of economic development professionals from state, local and regional economic associations all across Ohio.

There were six positions available on the board and 47 people applied, according to Marshall.

“I was selected to serve on the board to represent my peers in Northeast Ohio,” she said.

These positions are volunteer positions — not paid.

Marshall said she is excited to share her experience working with government on the local, state and federal levels to move these organizations forward.

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