Messana Central School District shortens time frame for return to sport after closure Education

MASSENA – Massena Central School students-Athletes can return to the playground faster now that they are back from quarantine.

Superintendent Patrick H. Brady told members of the Board of Education that student-athletes can return to their teams on Friday, and after two days of training, can play games.

“Before this change that accompanies the American Academy of Pediatrics, if a student was positive with COVID, they could go back to school on a masked Friday, but could go back to their classes including PE (physical education),” Mr. Brady said. “But, they could not go back to athletics, and part of that is dealing with the fact that up to 3% of people with COVID can develop myocarditis, which is myocarditis. That’s why we followed science on this subject and tried to take it slow and be sure people are safe. “.

Now, with a doctor’s note, the time frame has been shortened.

“Now there is a change. On Friday, if there is a doctor’s note that the student can return and participate in athletics, then he can return to his athletic team on Friday. The first two days will be training and on day eight they can play the game. To return to their normal sporting activities, “he said.

“I think it’s based on our experience and on the basis of our medical advice. We try to make our decisions based on our medical director, the head nurse and the American Academy of Pediatrics. I think we evolved to open where we keep our students safe, but bring them back in time. Appropriate, “Mr. Brady said.

Board member Timothy J. Hayes asked if the change is a general policy with Athletics in Section 10 or it depends on individual school districts.

“It depends on individual school districts,” Mr. Brady said. “I think most schools that have medical principals who are part of St. Lawrence’s health care system are somewhat consistent. But, we’ve discovered since we delved into this issue some time ago, schools do different things based, I guess, on their local councils, local communities and circumstances. Their localities. “

Board member Kevin F. Perta wondered if there would be a time when the restriction would disappear “or would it last as long as the virus existed?” Mr Brady said it was a difficult question to answer, but they made progress.

“If you have COVID, if you remember, it was once 14 days of solitary confinement and we went to 10 days of solitary confinement and we went into five days of solitary confinement and can go back on Friday. I think it’s progress. So will there be further progress from there? It’s possible,” he said.

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