Mike Preston: Howard Community College Men’s Lacrosse Rises to First Place with Big Eyes

Throughout the week, Howard Community College men’s lacrosse coach Eric Faust manages to cross the fine line, which is a reality delight.

Last Saturday, that number. After Howard took a 10-goal lead, the 2 Dragons stunned No. 1 Nassau 21-9 in a game that almost ended in the third quarter.

This week, National Junior College won first place in the Athletic Association poll, and Howard became the school’s number one team in any sport since the athletic department began in 1977.

“It looks great,” said midfielder Chase Noah, the team’s top scorer with 17 goals and 16 assists. “It simply came to our notice then that I was losing my job. We came to that game thinking it would be a war, but we smoked them.

Foster smiled.

In addition to playing and visiting Harford No. 2 on Saturday, Faust needs to be wary of the “fat head” disease, where a team is gaining confidence too early.

In his tenth season, Fost led the Dragons to three Maryland Junior College Athletic Conference titles and two Regional 20 Championships. His teams have competed in the NJCAA Tournament three times, including two of the last four matches and a runner-up finish in 2017.

But this Howard team may be his best. The Dragon defeated No. 5 and stable national power Onontaga 13-12 and No. 4 Essex 16-8.

And yet, that’s why Post is trying to put the brakes on. The Dragons are only 5-1, with five more games left in the regular season.

The championships will not be won in early April.

“Actually, I’m telling them not to pay attention to it [the rankings]”It’s great, but it’s not the end of the year. I think they understand that they have achieved a lot, but there is still a lot to do.

One of the reasons why Fawcett is so cautious is that during the last two seasons, especially last year, when the Dragons were unable to play outside the state and start training until the first week of March, they had some problems with COVID – 19.

Although they finished 4-3, 16 players returned this year. They were also able to bring in a lot of new players. Before social media, a lot of players went to community colleges to improve their grades before going to a big school.

Currently, community college is an affordable option for four-year school astronomy costs. Howard has players from Michigan, Washington, California, Texas and Canada.

The location of the campus in Colombia is also an attraction.

“The game is growing like crazy,” Faust said. “Players outside the West are being ignored. Some of them want to continue playing and play at a higher level, and they see community college as an opportunity to enter the NCAA.

This year, there are 21 former Howard players on the NCAA list.

“I’m not in a position to fly to California to recruit or scout, but the internet and social media have made it easier. We have excellent academics here, our campus is beautiful, and a lot bigger than Division II and III schools. Colombia is considered one of the safest cities in the United States and one of the top 10 places to live in the country.

The Dragons outscored their opponents 92-62, and they are big and athletic on defense. Starting defender Connor Gladstone is 6 feet 4,180, co-starter Jackson Loftis 6-3, 230. The other two best defenders are Jimmy Connor and Aaron Rubelling, who are at least 6 feet and 170 pounds.

In the attack, attacking Sean Dolp added 23 goals and four assists to give the Dragons the best scoring tandem with Chase. Brian Sajak has seven goals and two assists, while co-striker Caleb Tata has nine goals and nine assists.

Goalie Chris Peterson may be the cheapest player in the starting line – up, the second best player in the country with a save percentage of.

“I can’t take credit for all my points. The boys I play with are extraordinary. They catch everything I throw. We play as a unit,” Chase said. “Our off-ball movement and shot selection are excellent and we finish well. We still make some mistakes, all teams do, but overall, we play well.

Howard’s turning point came 18-7 in the opener against Army Prep at the start of the season. It hurts and the dragons have been in a lot of pain since the fall a year ago.

The defeat against Harford would also be painful, especially after such a high.

“The last three times we played each other, Harford beat us,” Faust said. “They are well organized in attack and defense and they have probably the best face-to-face person in the country. Last year we tried to get into a grove and tried to gel, but we wanted to play more and we were definitely not satisfied.

“This group really likes to compete with each other and get around. I was not surprised that we defeated Nass; I was amazed at how much, but our kids work so hard and our assistant coaches are two great. But I’m not saying we’re there. We can improve all the games and there is plenty of room to grow. Let’s see where this season ends.

I do not know. 1 Howard no. 2 Harford

Saturday, noon

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