Minecraft Player makes an impressive recreation of a Star Destroyer class Venator from Star Wars

One Minecraft fan will build a huge replica of a Venator-class star destroyer, complete with detailed interiors and vehicle mounts.

More than 10 years have passed since then Minecraft was released, but time seems to have definitely not prevented many players from playing it regularly. After all, there are very few AAA games on current hardware that offer creative tools and freedom Minecraft yes, so it should come as no surprise that in the last few months, players have still been producing a lot of stunning Minecraft creations that wonderfully demonstrate the creative abilities of the community. Now, to join us in this show, the incredibly complex yet monumental structure of one talented player comes from a distant galaxy.


As shown below, a Reddit user known as minogue5 has revealed his interpretation of one of them in the game Star Wars’ many galactic cruiser vehicles. After publishing their creation on Minecraft subreddit, recreation minogue5 quickly met with praise from the community, as well as supportive tips for building in the answers section. In short, many players seem to have enjoyed looking at such an iconic structure Star Wars be faithfully introduced into Minecraft with passion and attention to detail.

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This Minecraft crossing with Star Wars has everything. Based on the Venator-class stellar destroyer, also known as the Jedi cruiser, nothing is interrupted in this lineup due to time or simplification. Upon closer inspection, it was found that the minogue5 even went through an effort to build a hull armor with a complicated scattering of neon-blue windows, while describing in detail the range of external armaments and bridges. The view inside is equally impressive, as the cruiser contains many narrow corridors, a huge reactor room, a dining room with tables and chairs, a detailed hologram map, and an air curtain that is loaded with several Republic warships.

Star Destroyer 1

Star Destroyer 2

For those who haven’t seen any of the major movies or cartoons, the Venator-class Star Destroyer Star Wars: The Clone Wars television program as well as Electronic Art’s Star Wars Battlefront 2 video game. Recently, another angular appearance appeared in Venator-class Star Destroyer LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. Although not manned, it will reappear during Clone wars in episode 2.

Star Destroyer 3

With amazement Minecraft A tribute to acclaimed movie icons, which often spread in the community as viral, will always motivate players to strive to build more pop culture structures. Since sharing these designs is first and foremost part of the pleasure of building something, it will be interesting to see what other inspired designs players can provide to the community in the future.

Minecraft is now available for mobile devices, PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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Source: Reddit

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