Mom Uses a Mistake and the Library To Teach a Lesson in Accountability

TikToker takes her 5-year-old child back to the library with the book she drew in, and shows us the value in correcting our mistakes even when it’s scary.

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As parents we come across plenty of opportunities for teachable moments. And every so often we get the chance to share these teachable moments with our community. One mom, who uses the handle @elissa.jl, took to TikTok to show the moment she had her five year old take responsibility for her own actions. The video has since gone viral, amassing over two million views and daughter Quinn is most definitely the shining star.

“There’s no time like the present to teach personal accountability,” the video caption reads. “I have no doubt that she won’t make this same mistake again. She admitted her mistake, apologized, made it right, and learned her lesson. I was so proud of her. The librarian even let her keep the book she had drawn. on since we had bought a replacement.”

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In my experience, most five year old children have little respect for property, whether it be public or their own. And so while Quinn’s behavior is not atypical for a child her age, the way mom coaches her into “doing the right thing” is heartwarming to see. The video details all the steps little Quinn took right up to her apology in which mom explains they had been practicing what to say.

And even when she initially resists due to being nervous, her mom gently coaches her and lets her know that she is right there with her.

“This is amazing parenting. You prepared her at home, you helped her stay calm, you were right there to support her. You are an amazing mom,” one user remarked.

And perhaps what makes the video so relatable for viewers is so many can remember similar teachable moments from their own childhood. “I remember taking a piece of candy from the ice cream store when I was 5 and my mom brought me back and made me apologize…I never did it again,” read one comment.

“I stole a little toy from a doctor’s office when I was really small and I remember giving it back and apologizing vividly…thanks mom!!” Another user chimed in.

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Teaching children to take responsibility for their actions is important. And Quinn’s mom did it in a way that made her feel unashamed, safe, and ultimately good about herself rather than the opposite. In a follow-up video shared to their TikTok account, you can see the now 6 year old talking about how she learned her lesson and how good she felt after doing the right thing.

“She learned that people don’t get mad at you when you own up to your mistakes and make it right. She felt pride in doing the right thing. She gained confidence. She learned how to handle a tough situation. She learned it’s better. to do the right thing, even if it’s hard,” said Mom.” Her daughter learned to take ownership of her actions, and to not draw on library books.

While we’ve all learned a lesson from Quinn and her library book mishap, of course I can’t help but give a shoutout to mom for still making trips to the library!

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